Dancing With The Stars – The Gutt Goes Home

Spoiler Warning: Uh, it was in the post title. Sorry ’bout that.

I watched both Monday’s episode online and tonight’s live after work today. I don’t have much of a post, but here were some highlights for me:

  • The weird chick making nicey-nice at the camera in the background every time Tom and Samantha were stage right (our left). She icked me out.
  • Adam Corolla makes me laugh a LOT. He probably rubs most people the wrong way, but he is all sorts of funny. Penn Gilette was a bit too in-your-face for me, but Adam…he can stick around for awhile. His comment yesterday about Julianne’s outfit was hilarious!
  • Steve Guttenberg has an amazing attitude. You could tell the whole cast really has a respect (but also a little bit of “wow–is this guy for real”-ness) for him. I was laughing my hinder off when he and Jonathan performed their “Mango” together. Watching them try to keep their composure = priceless.
  • Was Karina really crying when she and Mario were in the bottom two? I think she actually hid behind him for awhile until she could better compose herself. Heck, I know I’d be crying, but you would think a performer would be used to competition.
  • Mark’s faces were completely over the top. If he was in some sort of martial arts, I’d say he was using his kiup during every move he made. Some of the other guys did the same thing, but not to the degree he did.
  • Who but Jason Taylor could make painting little ships look hot instead of geeky?
  • My favorite part of the entire night was when Derek and Shannon Elizabeth were sharing extra stuff backstage and she said she got so nervous she threw up in her mouth a little and he just gapes at her and goes, “That’s gross.” HAHA!


Fun little add:  I was making Husband watch Adam Corolla’s performance and comments with me moments ago, and we had a little conversation.

Me: Why are you all wet here (motioning to his face around his mouth)?

Husband: I think it’s moisture.  I was in the shower…it was very wet in there.

Me (laughing): Really?

He’s an astute guy, that man I married.


2 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars – The Gutt Goes Home

  1. I would love to watch tv with you.

    You have keen observation skills. I did not notice a woman behind Tom.

    When they were showing all the hobbys I started wondering if they were joke hobbies. Does the Gutt really rap at home?

    Jason Taylor is Hawt.

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