Will Homeschooling Continue?

Here’s a link to an article by John Stossel that I find to be pretty outrageous (not his article, the content).  Obviously, with a 7-mo.-old, I don’t homeschool, but the possibility is there that I might someday.  I sure hope things like this have blown over by then.  Vote Ron Paul!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Will Homeschooling Continue?

  1. Hi Heidi,
    I haven’t read the article yet, but when will people look at things clearly?

    Government schools in New York are looking at 6 out of 9 high school drop out rate (saw this on tv today) BUT, the government schools want to tell us that our children belong there….instead with their parents who are doing a much better job.

    Gee, I wonder what the drop out rate for homeschoolers is?

    zero or 100%

    Ugh. And people want to give the government control over their medical too.


  2. Perhaps it’s the left’s way of grooming children to only learn their ways – the ways of the left that is. While I do not home school my children, I think it should be an option for those who chose to do so. I get quite frustrated with the political correctness of public schools as well as their somewhat brainwashing techniques. Though my children will attend continue to be educated in public schools, I will still make sure they are learning what I think is appropriate too.

  3. Homeschooling is legal in at least 49 states. I expect things will work out in California. I find that as parents learn more about public schools they try to find other options. I predict that homeschooling will continue to grow and grow.

  4. MB – I know. Isn’t it frustrating?

    Amy – I agree. Even if I end up choosing a private or public school rather than homeschooling, it’s irritating that schools very obviously lean so far to the left.

    Henry – let’s hope!

  5. I read this and was appauled! Ive been a member of the HSLDA for years to supposrt homeschoolers and this has really put a damper on alot of spirits. You said it right go Ron Paul!

  6. I have heard of this battle for a few weeks now having many friends in the HSLDA. I am a homeschool parent and can’t even imagine being told that I am not good enough to teach my child! I have been teaching them since birth! I also can’t imagine sending my child off into the world saying “be away from you’re, your family all day”, these friends and teachers you have met will really be there for you someday…
    Come on… I want my children to know how important their family is, I want my sons to value there mothers job, and having a respect for stay home wife’s, so someday they can support their wife if she values mothering more that the almighty dollar! I want my children to receive a private school education at home with me for free! I want my sons and daughter to learn everyday life lessons along with other school teaching…
    Now that I have ranted and raved, I will also say that not all families should homeschool! I have wonderful friends who send their children to public and private school and they have wonderful well adjusted children, we made the decision for our family and it works for us, it brings us great joy and I don’t think any state should take that away.

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