The Unimportance of Me

Antique Mommy tagged me for a Six Unimportant Things About Me meme yesterday.

But there’s a twist (AM did this, so I’m going to do the same)…one of them is not true. If you can guess which one, you win a prize*. If multiple people guess the same one, I’ll do a drawing to determine the winner. You have until midnight on Tuesday, April 8 to leave a guess in the comments.

1. My hair is naturally blonde.

2. I learned to ride bike when I was seven.

3. My favorite drink is an Asian Pear Mojito at P.F. Chang’s.

4. I know how to dance the rhumba and the tango.

5. I sell a whole food supplement in my “spare time.”

6. I type 95 wpm.

Now the hard part. To tag six people. This is always weird because I feel bad for tagging people and bad for not tagging people. I know not everyone has time allotted for memes, so I won’t be offended if you don’t complete it. And if I didn’t list you and you’d like to play, do so by all means!

Carrie at Newlywed Nurse-to-Be

Jamie at Class Notes

Happy Mommy

Erica at Haphazard Happenstances

Donna at Quiet Life

Beck at Frog and Toad Are Still Friends

*Prize is $10.00 gift card to Bath & Body Works. I realize that doesn’t even buy one of their delicious lotions these days, but maybe you could get a cool lip gloss or a fuzzy wuzzy pair of socks.


8 thoughts on “The Unimportance of Me

  1. It takes one to know one – you are definitely a natural blonde or at least were at one time. You kind of look like you are dancing in your profile pic, so it would not be hard to believe that you can dance. 95 WPM is fast! But plausible. Juice Plus + Pear Mojita kind of align as healthy stuff, so I’ll rule those out as true.

    I’ll say #2 is false – you either learned to ride a bike before you were seven or never at all. 🙂

  2. I found you thru PW. Indeed I think Chuck the pup says the S too.
    I think you can type over 95. When you want to, that is.
    Look forward to wandering your site.
    smiles, Judy

  3. My guess is #3–I’ll bet you have a DIFFERENT favorite drink at P.F. Chang’s. Being sneaky with that trick question, aren’t ya?

    Yeah, okay, I have no idea. But that will be my official guess anyhow. 🙂

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