Betcha Bite a Chip

I met my husband coming down the hallway with a drink in his hand and a cookie in his mouth last night. I was carrying my laptop, but I drew toward him and tried to take a bit of the cookie. He stretched his neck out so I couldn’t reach him. I backed him completely against the wall and said, “I want you,” and started licking his neck like a dog. He was laughing/crying at this point, so I was able to snatch a bite of the cookie.

He scampered off, whimpering, and said, “You raped my cookie!”


7 thoughts on “Betcha Bite a Chip

  1. oh, and I was totally serious about the lamb skin condoms. They are awesome. My mid wife recommended them to me a few years ago and we havent turned back! =)

  2. When I first read this I missed the all important “last night” at the end of the first sentence. All day long I’ve been wondering how to reply because I thought I read that you did this to him when you very first MET him!

    Now I am laughing out loud at my silly mistake and the image it conjured up in my mind of sweet Heidi and how she met her sweetie!

    My sides hurt from laughing so much!

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