Contest Winner and Ninjas

In case you’re interested in full explanations:

1. My hair is naturally blonde. True. I dyed it auburn twice (the wash-out kind of dye) for fun, but otherwise it’s always been an ever-darkening shade of blonde.

2. I learned to ride bike when I was seven. True. I was afraid of a two-wheeler for the longest time…my four-year-old brother learned to ride his the same year. Talk about embarrassing.

3. My favorite drink is an Asian Pear Mojito at P.F. Chang’s. False. My favorite drink is water. The Asian Pear Mojito is the only alcoholic drink I’ve tried in recent years that I found even tolerable.

4. I know how to dance the rhumba and the tango. True. This past fall I took ballroom dance lessons for several months, and let me tell you–it was FUN.

5. I sell a whole food supplement called Juice Plus+. True. I have been loathe to mention it on my blog because this isn’t a place of solicitation, but if you’re ever interested you can feel free to email me.

6. I type 95 wpm. True. My mom? Like 117. So I think it’s genetic or something. Nutso, huh?

The contest winner, who picked #3 as the false, is…….*drumroll*………..Jamie! You can email me about claiming your $10 gift card to Bath & Body Works.

And here’s something just for fun:

Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again


7 thoughts on “Contest Winner and Ninjas

  1. Hey, cool, I never guess the right thing! Or win anything. Now I can say with confidence, I AM A WINNER. 😉

    I love water, too. That shouldn’t sound like a weird thing, but I have found that most people view drinking water in the same light they view taking medicine: they only do it when they absolutely have to.

    The ninja thing was funny. Guess it’s been a long time since I visited TheOnion–I had no idea they’d gotten so high-tech (video/audio news). Yes, my cave is cozy and homey.

  2. Jamie, you ARE a winner, and not simply of my contest.

    I may have another one sometime…Miz Booshay has suggested a “name that photo” contest. That sounds like a LOT of fun. I just have to figure out another prize that I can afford that’s not too boring. I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

    NW, I’m on my way over to read about my favorite Flat man.

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