A Two-and-A-Half-Hour Drive to Nowhere

I rushed home from work today (Well, as much as one can rush in the pouring rain at “rush hour.” Isn’t it funny that it’s called that?), picked up Anja at the sitter’s, and started packing suitcases, food, baby gear, etc. as soon as we got home. I made a quick supper, fed the baby, and cleaned up poop (hers, not mine). When Husband arrived home, we ate, he finished packing some of his stuff and loaded the vehicle, we made a stop for gasoline, and we took off on I-94 (that’s “The 94” for you south-westerners).

We had planned to leave on a trip to visit friends and family tomorrow morning, but with the forecasts (up to 2 feet of snow in central MN), we figured we’d best head out tonight if we were going to make it. We didn’t make it. After driving 1 1/2 hours, the rain, which had fallen all day over the Twin Cities, progressed to sleety-slush, to snow, and then…to an outright blizzard. Sigh…

Finally giving up, we got off on the nearest exit and turned around. I’m bummed. We haven’t been to my mom’s since Christmas, and we were also planning on meeting a friend’s new baby and visiting two couples who are expecting babies this summer/fall (one couple hasn’t met Anja yet, either). We may give it a go again tomorrow, but today was supposed to be the nicer of the two days.

One of my not-so-favorite things about Minnesota. You can’t plan on snow not intruding on your plans, even in April and May.

This reminds me of a story from high school (a quick one, I promise). I was on the golf team in grades 7-12 (and not half bad, in case you’re wondering). Our practices usually started up in late March to early April. We practiced in a large pole shed. Sometimes we would be chipping, putting and driving into a net for over a month. One year in particular I recall our “practice” for several days involved shoveling glaciers off of the golf course. In mid-May. Yessir, we left our clubs at homes and brought shovels to the golf course. Ah, Minnesota, how I love thee.

p.s. Be sure to tune in for FS Friday tomorrow–it involves VIDEO!!!


7 thoughts on “A Two-and-A-Half-Hour Drive to Nowhere

  1. Hey heidi,
    so i’ve lurked and commented a bit, but thought I’d introduce in case you didn’t know – this is Carrie’s sister! I met you way back a while ago, I think you may have still been pregnant. Anywho, I love your blog and keep up as much as I can. It inspires me to write more, though often I don’t feel I have much to share. Perhaps I’ll start a weekly recipe exchange šŸ™‚

  2. That’s a big bummer! Because there is no post today – perhaps you took off again??!! Let’s hope. That is the sucky thing about Minnesota – winter lingers too long…

  3. Aww, here I’m trying to muster up sympathy for your sad plight when all I feel is jealousy….me sitting here in my living room (slash office) with the air conditioner pumping on this 83 degrees day.

  4. Jennifer–thanks for commenting! I do remember meeting you; I think you were at my house for Project Night once.

    Hib, wish I could send you a snow-gram or something. I want to see some wedding pics, friend!!!

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