Bad Poetry Monday – 14

I think.  I think it’s 14.  If I’m wrong, just make it 14 1/2.  Anyway, inspired by today (do not try to find a meter in it):


O Thunder!
I never thought I would be
so happy to hear you

Unplug my computer
Turn off the TV
Bask in your dark, booming revelry

God at play (as some say)
Bringing freshness

So come on, Thunder
Don’t delay

But make sure to include some


3 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Monday – 14

  1. I saw the title over there that way —
    about bad poetry mondays….I don’t see it. I think these are pretty good..

    I thought I’d be able to compare bad poetry notes (I have realized that my ‘work’ is on, maybe a 10 year old level)

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