Q & A – Part One

Aw, you guys are so nice. I have so many questions I’m going to have to break this into sections…

Paula asked, What do you want to do when the active mothering is done — when you’re kid(s) are launched and on their own?”

Wellp…that’s a good question. Haven’t thought that far ahead, actually. I have a lot of things that I’m mediocre at, but I’m still figuring out what I’m good at. When I figure it out, I’ll probably do that. J

Erica asked, “Your writing is really good. Was there ever a time that you considered writing for a living?”

Thank you for the compliment. Have I mentioned that I just love you guys? It’s one of those things that I still consider myself to be mediocre at. I wrote and illustrated children’s books when I was a child, but they are nothing I would consider publishing now that I’m beyond age eleven. Dear Husband encourages me in my writing frequently. A couple of years ago he bought me the most beautiful journal (with refills), some neat pens and a writing exercise book. He’s also the one who suggested I start a blog, though he probably didn’t anticipate the amount of time I would spend reading other people’s blogs…

Anyway, it’s something I’ll probably still keep in the back of my mind, should I ever be inspired.

“I love Anja’s name. What’s the origin of her name?”

It’s actually the Swedish version of the name Anna. Here’s a post about it from when I first started blogging.

“I liked your religion question on my blog, so what is your religion and why?”

My religion is Christian. I grew up in the Covenant Church (similar to Evangelical Free in its style and doctrines). When Husband and I moved to the Twin Cities, we tried quite a few different churches, but none could rival the Biblical teaching (this answers the “why” part of the question) at Bethlehem Baptist, which is part of the Baptist General Conference. I have friends that range from Catholic to Methodist to AG to Lutheran, and I’ve learned things about Christ from all of them.

“With Ron Paul pretty much out of the game, who will earn your vote in November?”

You know, I’m not yet sure. At this point, Ron still has my vote. Many people reason that the only way to “make your vote count” is to vote for the front-runner in one of the two major parties, but I disagree. If the Republican party keeps getting the message from voters that it can become more and more liberal and we’ll keep voting for whatever candidates they put before us, there will become less and less of a divide between the two parties. John McCain is a liberal in many areas, and to cast my vote for him would go against many things I believe in. I am not only accountable to my country, I am accountable before God. By casting my vote, I say, “This is the person I would trust to run our country. This is the person I believe will stick to the constitution our forefathers wrote.” Ron Paul is the only guy who I think will do that.

There are also people who say, “Just like Reagan needed a Carter, the next Republican in office needs a Hillary or an Obama to make a royal mess of things.” I see the value in that line of thinking, but another part of me thinks that a person in such a powerful position can do a WHOLE lot of damage in four years time that would then need undoing.

That’s enough for today—I’ll answer more tomorrow, Lord-willing. Oh, and if you wrote in a question, consider yourself tagged to do the same on your blog (if you want to).


3 thoughts on “Q & A – Part One

  1. I grew up in an evangelical covenant church in MN. My husband, son, and I now attend an evangelical free church.

    Your daughter is so beautiful. I love her name.

  2. I love Anja’s name and the story behind it. I doubt she’ll mind the mispronunciations–it’s good to have a name that reflects your heritage. 🙂

  3. Great questions and answers. I agree that a lot of damage can be done in four years, so I don’t understand the mindset of voting for someone distasteful to give your choice a better shot in four years. Senseless.

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