No FS Today, Just more Q & A

Can I just start by saying that I’m so excited to meet you new peoples who have been stopping by? Makes my day!

Now for round 2.

Happy Mommy asked, Ok, last week you asked us to pray about daycare or babysitter for Anja, are you going to work?”

I’ve actually been working 2 10-hour days since November and doing my photography on the side. I’d love to be home, but unfortunately, the feasibility is nil, unless someone volunteers to give us an extra couple thousand bucks a month. J I enjoy my job, so it’s not as terrible as it all seems…I just hate missing out on bits of Anja’s life. An update: had an interview with a provider very near our home this morning and it went well. I’m going next week to get an in-person look at her daycare.

How long did you know your husband before you got married?”

I met him briefly at the beginning of my Jr. year of college, so I “knew” him for about 2 years 9 months.

Both Happy Mommy and Miz Booshay asked:

How many children would you like to have?”

Back in the day, I always said 3 or 4. Husband, after having the first, said he’s fine with two (apparently pregnancy and childbirth was even harder on him than on me!). Now, I don’t really have a set or planned number in mind.

“And how old are you?”

For shame! Isn’t that supposed to be some rule—never ask a woman her age? Well, since I don’t abide by all the rules, I’m 28.

Johanna asked, What’s your favorite thing to do when you have a moment to yourself?”

Umm…do mommies have that? Just kidding. Currently, when Anja is taking naps, I blog, read blogs, or read about photography. So I guess reading and writing are right up there!

Miz Booshay asked, “What would Anja’s name have been if she was a boy?”

We only had it narrowed down to two names when we went to the hospital, but our favorite was Beckett (Beck for short). Since then, my cousin named her little boy Beckett, so we’ll have to come up with a new one for next time around.


5 thoughts on “No FS Today, Just more Q & A

  1. Oh, drat! I missed the question-asking! Answering was fun, though, wasn’t it? I enjoyed it recently on my blog. Be thankful you DIDN’T get TOO many questions, though. My answering posts took a LOT of time. Anywhoo, I really, thoroughly enjoyed reading the questions and answers! I need to rememeber to pop over here more often. Oh, and also I LOVE the name Beckett! Just so you know:) Have a super weekend!

  2. Hey Heidi,

    Just stopping by to say that the tone of my blog changing has only to do with the limited brain cells operating at this time! Stay tuned and the old style should come back…what’s there right now is the product of the aforementioned limited cells coupled with hasty posting due to Cowboy X’s proclivity for breaking into weeping the minute he hears typing beginning…it is, however, all me…just different sides to the same bipolar person ;o)

    I’m enjoying reading your A’s to the Q’s!

  3. I enjoyed reading all your answers, mck Mama.

    Jessica, you are cool (even if you’re from Iowa).

    Jenni, totally understand. The brain power is all going to the milk ducts right now, darn it!

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