Recipe Box Swap – Giant Ginger Cookies

I made this post back when these cookies were in season, but…my mom also used to make similar cookies for boat trips in the summer. And oh. so. delicious. This recipe (linked here) is a step up or two from hers (no offense mom). They’re chewy and gingery-molassesy and just…well, just bake them!

And be sure to check out the rest of the yummy bar and cookie recipes at Randi’s Recipe Box Swap!


9 thoughts on “Recipe Box Swap – Giant Ginger Cookies

  1. Your blog name caught my eye! The recipe you shared looks delicious! I’m going to bookmark your site and come back to visit when I have more time.

  2. That is basically my recipe except for a little more ginger and molasses and mine were soft and chewy! Sound great, wish I could have some!

  3. These sound close to my Molasses cookie recipe. I love when they are soft and chewy in the middle. I don’t think these are ever out of season, although I do tend to think about them in the fall.

  4. Look out everyone! My mom has learned how to comment!

    Mom, they are very similar to yours, just bigger and 4x the ginger. I bet there’s a gluten-free recipe for some…shall we try them next time you’re in town?

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