Three Random Things

Veronica at Toddled Dredge tagged me for a “Three Random Things” meme a few days ago.  Late one night in bed, I remember thinking, “Aha!  If ever I get tagged for a ‘randomness of me’ meme, this is JUST the thing to put on it!”  Of course, I can’t recall what that thing was, so here are three not-as-fabulous random things about me:

1. When I was in 3rd grade, I was convinced by one of my classmates that a pervert was a fruit. This later got me in trouble when I called him a pervert in gym class.

2. This week I attempted to wash my dishes in Tang. It didn’t work.

3. I have never smoked a cigarette. Never even held one in my mouth.


2 thoughts on “Three Random Things

  1. HA HA! @ pervert fruit. I wonder if it would make a good smoothie?

    Same for me on the smoking. Unless you count the bubblegum cigarettes that I used to get in the penny candy bins at Ben Franklin’s–you know, the kind that were coated with powdered sugar and wrapped in paper.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog! And a pledge, too–awesome!

    My father, too, died young (57) with pancreatic cancer. Improving our diet is something that I should have done a long time ago–I feel so good now with all the healthy fuel.

    Happy veggie eating!

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