This Photo Needs a Caption

At the urging of my bloggy friend Donna, I’ve decided to have a “name that photo” contest. But there’s a catch. While I do want a cute caption, even more, I want you, dear readers, to figure out what my baby girl is SAYING in this photo. You have until midnight on Monday, May 5, to leave a comment letting me know what you think she’s trying to say. The winner will receive….drumroll…a $15 Bath & Body Works gift card plus an undisclosed “other” prize. I soooo look forward to reading your entries!

Baby 031808

Oh, and obviously, I’m no PW, so there’s no rush to get your entry in.  Take your time and be creative!


24 thoughts on “This Photo Needs a Caption

  1. Love you baby girls eyes shape. If my 14month year old is to go by then saying:

    Done, Dada, Mama, Nikon !!!

    Caption…. tricky one here – ” I thought saying cheese meant dinner, look you’ve made my mouth water!”

    Oh well! Good luck, and I like your Kayak picture.

  2. Oh my gosh–that face! SO adorable! I’m going to have to think about the caption. And I’m going to have to make you one of my Flickr contacts since I know I’m going to need to see more of this sweetheart!

    (Hmmm . . . reading that again, it almost sounds stalkerish. But I’m not a stalker–promise!)

  3. “Seriously? People still think Obama, Clinton and McCain are the ticket? I could run this country better than all three put together! Vote Anja 2008!”

    I know she is smart, and that is exactly what she was trying to say!

    Ok, or maybe this:

    “That Lori is really awesome, we should meet her some day!”

  4. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh… I can almost smell her! I will have to think about this and come back.

    Oh, I was here a couple days back and read all your answers to questions asked. I loved it! I am also of Swedish decent on my mother’s side. My great grandfather first went to college in Canada and then settled in Seattle.

  5. First of all. This photo of your daughter is scrumptious. What an expression for a little thing.

    I’d caption it: “You’d never believe it.”

    This is what she’d be saying:
    “Dude! You’d never believe it. My mama just introduced me to the cutest little girl. And she’s looks to be about my size. A new playmate. She’s in the bathroom about the sink. Funny thing is…her mama looks just like mine.”

  6. She is saying, “How dare you take another picture of me, especially with drool running down my chin!”

    Actually, I love the picture, her eyes and mouth expression match so well.

  7. Ok. They were there. Right before my saved info went away and I joined the secret quilt society!

    I have created an avatar and “MyBlogLog” widget, so we will see what happens next. I think WordPress is messing with us!

    Yes I was serious!

    And yes, I am having the “talk” because aside from mom and her sisters having Breast Cancer, I carry the same BRCA2 gene in the same mutation she did. So even after a hysterectomy, I still carry a 78+ percent (down from 85%) chance of getting Breast Cancer. Ok, you dont “get it”, but I am tired, and it worked the best 😉

    Thanks for asking, and sharing concern for SIL’s sis. We are worried sick. And seriously, we still dont know what happened with the MSRA – I guess the cancer scare took over.

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