Sweetness Wins

Edited to add: “Sweetness” is not a person who won the photo contest.  It’s still going on until Monday.  Just thought I’d clear that up.  Keep your captions coming!!!

I sold my big lens today. Sigh…Husband has convinced me to upgrade, which is fine, but it means I’ll be without a good zoom lens for a week or so. The lady I sold it to was really nice. I hope that means she’ll take good care of my lens, because man, I miss it already. I posted it last night around 11:00 p.m. on Craigslist and sold it this afternoon! Crazy how that works. I love it.

Anyway, since I won’t have any new photos for awhile, here’s some from a few weeks ago. Remember Anja’s friend that she was holding hands with in that photo awhile back? Her mommy said I could post pictures of her face, too! Yay! Her mommy happens to be a college friend of mine. Without further ado, here’s sweet little Anika at about 3 months of age:

Anika 1

Don’t you just love that expression?

Anika 2

She looks a lot like her mommy (which is a good thing, because her mommy is gorgeous!).


One thought on “Sweetness Wins

  1. She is so beautiful! I love the baby stage so much, I can’t wait to have more babies. The only other thing as wonderful is your children, and watching them grow.

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