We Have A Winner!

Actually, you’re all “winners,” but since I’m not rich, I did have to narrow it down to one prize-winner. You had some very clever and cute entries, so it took me awhile to decide.

And after deciding that this individual shouldn’t be disqualified, even though it was her idea to have the contest in the first place, the winner is….Miz Booshay with “See here, Vinnie, it’s like this….”

I found it odd that so many of you commented on how cute she is, because I think she’s pretty ugly in this picture, kind of like a little mob boss or something. MB’s quote captured that spirit. Ha!

I hope to continue holding contests, so keep coming back. I was especially excited to see some new first-time readers.

Miz Booshay, for your efforts, you will win aforementioned $15 Bath and Body Works gift card as well as…this FABULOUS prize from my mother’s high school collection! Yessirree, we turned up some treasures last time I was at her house.

The New Sound

The New Sound is copyright 1966, so who knows what phenomenon of the musical realm will be in it? This snapshot was taken shortly after Anja threw it (she apparently doesn’t like oldies as much as her mama).


6 thoughts on “We Have A Winner!

  1. That’s a great caption–congrats, Miz Booshay. 🙂

    Random question: are those sheep on Anja’s shirt? They look like sheep. Maybe clouds, but I think sheep. Sheep?

  2. Jamie–yes, they’re fat little sheep.

    CB–you just gave away your age! Isn’t that against womanly rules? 🙂

    Oh, and Miz Boo? I’m so glad that you spelled “gansta” the way you did. That’s how I say and spell it. Because I’m a gangsta.

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