Baby Can’t Read Yet

Yeah, I know that’s shocking. At 8 months, she still can’t read. 🙂

Anyway, I asked you all for book advice back in February, and you happily gave it. While I wanted to buy ALL the books you suggested, we don’t have that kind of a budget, so we narrowed it down to a few.

Children's Books

Husband LOVES Jan Brett (as do I), so we bought The Mitten. Two I remembered from my childhood were Harry the Dog and Blueberries for Sal. Since none of these were really appropriate for where she is right now, I grabbed the Baby Colors book by DK. Even with those literary classics in the mix, the BABY chose the baby book. She loves the colors and will sit patiently while I read every object on the page. As a result, we went back and bought a couple more DK books the other day–an alphabet one and a body parts one. We also picked up a copy of Rosen’s/Oxbury’s We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, which she also enjoys a great deal. Over time, we’ll be able to build our library even more (even though we have many bookshelves that area already full of grown-up books). We hope Anja will love to read as much as her parents do!


5 thoughts on “Baby Can’t Read Yet

  1. Jan Brett’s books are lovely. I grew up with a version of “The Mitten” written by Alvin Tresselt, and I guess for that reason it is fixed in my mind and memory as the definitive picture book for the mitten story / folk-tale.

    Looks like Anja’s collection is off to a great start! (Have you read, “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey? That’s another cute one. Check your library, they usually have a few copies. There, that’s my unsolicited advice for the day.) It’s wonderful that you’re reading to her and beginning to acquire a collection of excellent picture books–it’s never too young to start. We started reading with our son each night before bed when he was about this age, and now at 6.5 years he is an avid reader. 🙂

  2. Blueberries for Sal=my favorite book growing up. And now my boys LOVE it. And they LOVE the Harry books. Great pics! Now, to get Anya to learn to read, hmm……

  3. Great book choices! When my kids were wee (like your little one) I acquired tons of books from garage sales. You would be amazed how many books 5 bucks could buy you. We have tons of books…it helps that I taught 4 years before having children so I started my collection early! 🙂

  4. Must…check out…rummage sales. Thanks for the reminder, TK!

    Jamie–“Make Way for Ducklings” sounds really familiar. I’ll have to check the library. Doh! I was just there tonight (paying fines…sigh…).

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