Oh, Snap!

Anja is crawling a few little “steps” (do you call them that when you’re not on your feet?) at a time now. She sees something she wants, gets herself from a sitting position to all fours, and makes miniscule little crawling motions until she gets there. Then she grabs the object and sits herself back down, and I go wild, clapping and encouraging. Sometimes she ends up stuck under the coffee table or the piano and cries out for help. Like any good mom, I come to her rescue. Or sometimes she gets something she shouldn’t before I can stop her, like a plastic bag or one of our books. And I run to the rescue again.

I feel much like Anja in my photography endeavors these days. Seeing something I want to achieve, I take baby steps toward it. I practice the technique. I read about it in books and my camera manual. I ask advice of friends who photograph. I participate in photography forums. The progress is slow. I want to “arrive” quickly, when in practice, that rarely happens. But like Anja, I keep plugging away at it. And you folks have been my encouragers, my cheerleaders time and again. Thank you for that. Even mommies need someone clapping for them when they accomplish something.

Oh, and constructive criticism is always welcome, too. I relish it.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Snap!

  1. Good analogy (and yay for Anja’s first steps–no pun intended–toward mobility, and keeping her mommy busier than ever before). I feel the same way sometimes, especially when it can be difficult to find the time to practice as much as I would like. Photography is just one of those things that takes time to master.

    Keep it up, you’re doing great! I always enjoy your Flickr stream. 🙂 By the way, did you get your new lens yet? What kind did you order?

  2. I did get my new lens. Just this afternoon. It’s a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS. I need to go download what I shot this evening so I can see what kind of work I have cut out for me (in practice time–I’m shooting a newborn on Saturday). I can tell you one thing: that thing is HEAVY. Compared to the f/4.0 that I just sold, anyway.

  3. Holy smokes! An “L” lens — that’s what I call an upgrade. CONGRATS! Oh, and good luck with your newborn shoot tomorrow. Hope we get to see some pics. 🙂

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