A Good Mom

A good mom probably abides by the “rules.” A good mom probably takes the AAP’s advice and doesn’t let her child watch a speck of television until they’re two. Well, up until this point, I’d pretty much kept Anja from watching anything. We would walk into a room at a relative’s house (or when her dad would be playing video games), and she would crane her neck trying to see. I would block it.

Last night, after coming home from running a quick errand, Husband informed me that she’d been crabby since I left. He left to meet with a friend, and she continued right on in her inconsolable crabbiness. Since I am such a GOOD mom, I did what every good mom would do. I searched for “Sesame Street” on YouTube. And we came up with some gems, I tell you. Gems from my childhood. I enjoyed them, but can’t say Anja was very thrilled. Apparently I was more easily amused as a child. Here are a few winners (let me know if you remember them). The last one is my personal favorite (it and its kind).


3 thoughts on “A Good Mom

  1. Oh yes, I remember these. The first one kept my attention due to the weird factor. (I guess a lot of Sesame Street is like that though.) The Yep-Yeps (or whatever they are actually called) were among my favs too, along with those guys who always honked their own noses.

    By the way, if you’re looking for movies for Anja that are short and not terribly annoying, try renting one of the Baby Einstein movies from your library. They’re short and more tolerable than most of what is on TV. And the babies, they like.

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