No one told me
It would be so hard
To write daily
Once the sun came out to play

Budding 051408

Spring has finally come to Minnesota. This past week buds turned into droopy, still-getting-their-life new leaves (I love them this way…while they’re tender and have yet to be chewed on or slimed by bugs…they remind me of newborns). Grass went from wintery prickly deadishness to live, vibrant green.

And I am LOVING taking photos. I need to get out and shoot some of the flowering trees before the buds fall off. And I need to steal some lilacs from someone’s yard before they’re finished blooming. I know that’s awful, but they’re my favorite flower, and people can share, right?

So tell me…do your blogs suffer during the summer? My Google Reader’s contents have been fairly sparse as of late, which leads me to believe it is so. And if it is so, does that mean people understand and it’s more acceptable to post less for a season(while not losing all your readership)?


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  1. I love this line, “Grass went from wintery prickly deadishness to live, vibrant green.” Your words paint a picture that is vivid.

    You won’t lose me as a blogging buddy ifn you were to take more time away from the computer to enjoy your daughter, the beautiful world we live in, or whatever reason. These computers, while providing insight, companionship and learning, simply cannot replace the real things of life that compel us to not be at the computer. I don’t mean for that to diminish what we get from being on it — which includes us expressing ourselves, sharing and caring about one another.

    Have a wonderful day exploring spring in Minnesota! And I’m still campaigning for a return of Fargo Fridays by the way!

  2. My blog suffers pretty much year-round now . . . I only post about once a month. But I still have “regular” readers who comment. I do visit and keep up with their sites even when mine is idle, but I think they’d still drop by even if I didn’t.

    We’ll still be here when you get back from enjoying real life. You have to enjoy those three days between the last snow melt and the arrival of the first mosquito. 🙂

  3. Hon, you know I suck all year round, so you wont lose me!!! Heck, you stuck around while I went missing for over a month, so I will forgive you for missing a few days here and there, or a few months here and there!

    BTW, I just had my blog-a-versary this month too! The beginning of November was when I started. YAY us!

    Every time I come to the city I think “I wonder where Heidi is”. hehehe


  4. BTW, does it seem like an eternity since the buds formed? I swear this has to be one of the latest blooms we have had in forever! Of course we are in the middle of prairie land so we are still looking at black dirt fields, but it seems to me that we usually have fuller tree’s and popping fields.

  5. I don’t blame you one bit for taking advantage of the nice weather. Get Anja outside while you can! And take lots of pictures!

    I have Bloglines, I’ll still pop in whenever you update. 🙂

  6. Weren’t those roses amazing? Of course they were hybrids so they didn’t have much scent, but they were perfect. I have one on my mantle that is still that beautiful, and it has been almost 2 weeks (he picked them up on Thursday before MD so they would open).

    If you want me to send Eric your husbands # let me know! He can get on the “once a month plan” for happy wives club! hehehehe

    Actually, he is in the city – someday when you and Anja are out and about, check him out! He is in the Historic Semple Mansion!

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