At least he doesn’t do armpit tricks…

How many husbands show off for their wives by:

· Stealing a cookbook that their wife was reading and making sound effects like they are ripping it into shreds?

· Doing a floppy-armed Muppet dance?

· Leaving their daughter’s toys in obscure places participating in odd things?

Not many husbands, I would guess.

5 thoughts on “At least he doesn’t do armpit tricks…

  1. Ah yes… my husband has manipulated the toys and had them participating in odd events too!

    Oh, and Randy also makes up songs a la Weird Al Yankovic. He’s actually very talented…

  2. Oh yes, weird husbands… no wonder ours are friends (and grew up in close proximity to each other!). I don’t think I could even describe in words the things John says or does, and I think I’m glad for that. 😉

    I tagged you in my latest post “Five Things”… hope you can fill it out sometime so I can learn more random things about you!

  3. The third one reminds me of something Mr. Right has been known to do with reindeer decorations at Christmas time … baby toys should be interesting someday!

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