Mo’ Meme

Veronica tagged me for a meme a few weeks ago, and I felt like doing it tonight, so…here it is! If mine looks different than hers, it’s because I picked and chose questions from the person who tagged her…

Favorite food? Cookies!

Quirks about you? Not a one. Just kidding. I have about 5-10 water bottles rolling around on the passenger-side floor of my car at any given time. I floss religiously. I can bend my fingers at the top knuckle only.

How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? Husband says: “Nice, pretty, good cook, smart, creative, fun.”

Is someone sucking up?

Any regrets in life? Wasting time.

Favorite Charity/ Cause? Bethlehem Baptist Church, Compassion International, Wycliffe, the US Center for World Missions.

Something you can’t get enough of? Cookies.

Worst job you’ve ever had? Working as an assistant to the president of a private school. I could say much more, but I won’t.

What job would you pay NOT to have? Workin’ a honey wagon.

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? People’s homes right after I leave. I would like to hear what people say about me behind my back. Wouldn’t everyone like to know? Perhaps not…

Favorite Bible verse right now? I’m not big into Bible favorites, but the 3rd chapter of Colossians has always hit me at the right times.

Guilty Pleasure? Cookies.

Got any confessions? I haven’t showered yet today.

If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? Camera gear or clothes.

Favorite thing about your house? People I love live here. And it has white trim on the interiors.

Least favorite thing about your house? Not as much storage as I might like.

One thing you are bad at? Staying focused on one task until completion.

One thing you’re good at? Mad Gab. I’m not allowed to play that game anymore, because my team always wins by a landslide.

If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I would like my impinged biceps tendon to be healed so I could play summer sports again.

Who would you like to meet someday? Jesus. Sounds like a Sunday School answer, but it’s true.

What makes you feel sexy? Not much. I think when I feel witty I feel better about myself, but I rarely feel sexy.

Who is your real life hero? Jesus.

What is the hardest part of your job? Right now? Finding things to do! Construction is in a slump.

When are you most relaxed? Saturday mornings. Husband usually gets up before me and takes the daughter out of our room if she’s fussing so I can sleep a little late.

What stresses you out? The lack of time in a day (she writes as she’s wasting time).

I’m only tagging you if you want to play. So, go forth and meme if you want to! I just made meme a verb, by the way.

But that doesn’t stop me from dancing, does it?

I have found for me that summer means short, fairly pointless (but sometimes not!) posts when I can squeeze them in.  Summer is FAR too short in Minnesota to not be enjoyed.  Today that enjoyment meant 5 1/2 hours on the golf course in the blazing hot sun (above 90 degrees!  In Minnesota!  I know!) with co-workers.  Apparently SPF 30 is not good enough for my post-pregnancy skin, because even after 3 applications, I am bright pink.  Bright, painful pink, that is.  But we took second place in the tournament (to our surprise, too).  Every time I go out golfing, which isn’t often these years (I hadn’t been in 3 years before today), I am reminded how much I love it.

Back in high school, my “summer job” was golfing.  Daddy had some sort of dream of me being on the LPGA Tour.  Not likely, dear father.  I think my best round ever was one over par.  That just doesn’t cut it.  But it was sweet of him to make me clubs all those years (I had my first set at age 3!).

Speaking of the LPGA tour, they’re playing the U.S. Open in Minnesota this week!  Fun times; lots of extra traffic.

Anyway, my point was, I used to golf about 18-36 holes a day and LOVED it.  My friend Jason and I would go out in the early morning and breeze through 18 holes in 2 hours since no one else was on the course yet.  Then we’d sit in the clubhouse for awhile and go out and play another 9 or 18.  Sometimes his little brother would come along.  Or some days he’d be busy or have gotten up too early for me, and I’d go with my other friends.  Jana had a cart that we used sometimes; that was always nice.

So today brought back good memories.


In other news of things I have forgotten that I like, here are some links.  🙂

Making Fiends

Mr. Nice

I could watch Mr. Nice all day.  Isn’t that sad?

Mod Mum

A while back, I got an offer to try out a new baby sling. How could I refuse? The kind, lovely people at Mod Mum sent me this beautiful sling in the mail (I got to pick out which style I wanted, but there are many more…I was torn between the one I got and this one…and let’s be honest, this one, too.).

Mod Mum

The past couple of weeks, Anja has been a little needier (to say the least). The sling has worked beautifully for those times when she needed a little extra lovin’. I put her in it on my left hip, pulled the padded part down under her little bum and behind her knees, and she would ride around with me happily while I scrubbed fingerprints off of doors, cooked dinner, or even worked on my computer. Though I haven’t tried it yet for this, I hear they’re also great for quick errands where you don’t want to hassle with a stroller but need your hands free. Once she passes the year mark, I have a feeling I’ll be using it for such purposes often.

If you have a baby (or know someone who does or is expecting), I would suggest you high-tail it over to Mod Mum and check out their slings. They are fashionable, reversible (two looks in one, for you fashion-conscious folks) and practical. And, little known to most people, they work for DADS, too!

Mediterranean night with a bit o’ homestyle thrown in

Some of you have been asking for updates as to how our night having Husband’s foodie relatives over went. It was fabulous! I decided to go with an Italian a Mediterranean theme (because my friend pointed out so kindly that Italy is SURROUNDED by the Mediterranean. so. there.), except for dessert. Because I had rhubarb on hand, and I can’t say that it’s Mediterranean. Did I mention Husband’s aunt is vegetarian? So we made all vegetarian stuff, but non-vegetarians wouldn’t have even noticed. By God’s grace, it turned out that good!

We had these fabulously amazing veggie paninis. I found them through Randi’s Recipe Box Swap. Seriously, you must make them. You will not be sorry.

We also had a fabulous little dish I’ve made several times (these photos are from a previous time and show that I did not have yellow peppers on hand at the moment…they also do not illustrate my photographic abilities with my flashy point-and-shoot…please do not judge), Tortellini-Asparagus Salad, straight from my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. Again, YUM. Here’s the cast of characters and a shot of me stirring in the nuts and cheese and stuff at the end, because I’m too embarrassed to show all the even-less-nice ones from the process. But it TASTES good, and that’s what matters.



Tortellini-Asparagus Salad
Better Homes and Gardens
Yields: 10 side-dish servings


  • 2 9-ounce packages refrigerated cheese-filled tortellini
  • 1 pound fresh asparagus spears (about 16 spears) trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 1 large yellow sweet pepper, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons finely shredded lemon peel
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup olive oil or salad oil
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon-style mustard
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup sliced green onions
  • 1/4 cup pine nuts or chopped almonds, toasted


  1. In a 4-quart Dutch oven cook tortellini according to package directions, adding asparagus and sweet pepper during the last minute of cooking; drain. Rinse tortellini and vegetables with cold water; drain again.
  2. For dressing, in a screw-top jar combine lemon peel, lemon juice, oil, mustard, sugar, salt, and garlic. Cover and shake well.
  3. In a very large bowl place tortellini and vegetables. Add dressing; toss to coat. Cover and chill for 2 to 8 hours. Just before serving, stir in cheese, green onions, and nuts. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

We served all that up with a side of fresh berries (rasp-, blue-, and straw-) and cantaloupe, some wine and lemonades (yes, two kinds) and finished later with Rhubarb Crunch, the single best rhubarb item I have ever eaten.

Thanks for caring how it went, friends! I’d love to hear about your exploits in the kitchen; feel free to leave a link in the comments if you’ve recently posted something yummy!

Photo Blog

For those of you who have links to my photography blog, I’ve recently move to a new home on the web.  If you visit the link I sent you there’s a post re-directing you to the new site at the top.  Please do me the favor of changing any feeds, links or bookmarks you may have set.  Thanks!

At Least She Came Back

Husband, Anja and I were out for a walk tonight.  He parted ways with us while Anja and I went a bit further.  Usually when she and I are out walking or running, I’ll stop occasionally and point things out to her–birds, leaves, rocks, planes, etc.–but tonight I was silent.

When we got back to the house and I came around the front of the stroller to unbuckle her, she looked genuinely surprised to see me.  The baby mind fascinates me.  Did she think she was just out for the rest of the walk by herself, since she couldn’t see or hear me?  The thought of her out cruising the neighborhood in some sort of self-directed stroller made me laugh out loud.

And then, as it often goes, the spiritual parallel hit me.  How often do we think we’re out “doing our own thing,” only to be stopped and confronted with the presence of God?  And we act completely surprised, like, “Oh, Lord, I forgot you were here.  How about that?”  Thinking that we are independent of Him can be a dangerous thing.  As the Proverbs say, ” The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps (ESV).”  Help me to remember, Father.

What Would Jesus Eat?

Husband and I received a cookbook by that name for a wedding shower.  I’ve cooked maybe one or two things out of it, but man, has it been fodder for jokes over the years.  I can’t believe that people would really think we should emulate what Jesus eats to a T.  Things that were available in that time and place just aren’t around here unless at a great expense.

That said, Husband’s relatives are coming over for dinner on Friday night, and I would love to make them a summery meal, either Mediterranean or Mexican in theme.  One of the relatives is a vegetarian, so the meal either needs to be vegetarian or easily adaptable.  I would love to hear your suggestions as to what to make.  Here’s what I’m looking to serve:

1-2 light appetizers

Salad (possibly optional, depending on Main Course)

Main Course


And I think I’d like the dessert to be some sort of pie or tart, if that helps.  So, help me!  What recipes have you made that have been fantastic?


On a completely unrelated note, Anja’s favorite thing to do these days is leaf through her board books under the coffee table.  That’s right, under it.  It’s very cute until she hits her head.  🙂

Blue JEANS or…the Best Mom on Earth

Today while working on our Bible study for small group tomorrow, I told Husband to stop and play a game with me.  I had him write colors on the “notes” page in his book with each spaced several lines apart: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, brown and black & white.  This is the order of the color pages in Anja’s favorite book, Baby Colors (because baby colors are different than adult colors, you know).

Then I gave us about 7 minutes to write down every object we could remember on each page.  I scored 37, and Husband scored 31.  I guess we know who the better parent is.  😉