Anniversary, Part II

So, a week later, I’ll finally finish posting what Husband and I did for the rest of our 5th anniversary celebration.

Saturday, we went to the Guthrie Theatre following our time at the Sculpture Garden. They allow you to give yourself a little tour around the building, or you can get a guided tour for a price. Since we’re all about The Free, we did the self-tour. It really has some amazing spaces. I take it back. Unbelievable spaces.

Here are a couple of my favorite images:

Guthrie 9 052408

Guthrie 8 052408

Guthrie 6 052408

And this one highlights their very reflective window sills on the 4th floor. Only the part in the middle is an actual view to the outdoors.

Guthrie 4 052408

We ate dinner at a fabulous little place called True Thai (We had “B” on the appetizers, the Purple Yam, and #57, the wok-fried bean-thread vermicelli.  Overall, we gave the restaurant 4 out of 5 stars for incredible service, friendly staff, and very tasty food.), and then went to a Saints game with my father-in-law and brother-in-law.  Anja’s first outdoor game!

4 thoughts on “Anniversary, Part II

  1. That is one reflective windowsill. (I bet it requires a lot of Windex.) Cool shot!

    Sounds like you guys had fun exploring. How did Anja like the game? Was she rooting for the Saints, or the rival team? 😉

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