Blue JEANS or…the Best Mom on Earth

Today while working on our Bible study for small group tomorrow, I told Husband to stop and play a game with me.  I had him write colors on the “notes” page in his book with each spaced several lines apart: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, brown and black & white.  This is the order of the color pages in Anja’s favorite book, Baby Colors (because baby colors are different than adult colors, you know).

Then I gave us about 7 minutes to write down every object we could remember on each page.  I scored 37, and Husband scored 31.  I guess we know who the better parent is.  😉


6 thoughts on “Blue JEANS or…the Best Mom on Earth

  1. I don’t think my dh would have played along, but I don’t think I would have asked because he has some sort of freakish ability to remember the entire wording of our kid’s books. We would clearly need a different game!

  2. Congrats, O Superior Parent. 😉

    My husband would probably outscore me on that kind of game. He is trained to notice details (being in law enforcement). Not that he will notice or remember (or put away) objects lying around the house… (ahem).

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