What Would Jesus Eat?

Husband and I received a cookbook by that name for a wedding shower.  I’ve cooked maybe one or two things out of it, but man, has it been fodder for jokes over the years.  I can’t believe that people would really think we should emulate what Jesus eats to a T.  Things that were available in that time and place just aren’t around here unless at a great expense.

That said, Husband’s relatives are coming over for dinner on Friday night, and I would love to make them a summery meal, either Mediterranean or Mexican in theme.  One of the relatives is a vegetarian, so the meal either needs to be vegetarian or easily adaptable.  I would love to hear your suggestions as to what to make.  Here’s what I’m looking to serve:

1-2 light appetizers

Salad (possibly optional, depending on Main Course)

Main Course


And I think I’d like the dessert to be some sort of pie or tart, if that helps.  So, help me!  What recipes have you made that have been fantastic?


On a completely unrelated note, Anja’s favorite thing to do these days is leaf through her board books under the coffee table.  That’s right, under it.  It’s very cute until she hits her head.  🙂


6 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Eat?

  1. OK, I know you read Jenni’s blog and she had a happy post up that had a link to these totally delicious bars. And I’m telling you they are to die for! I made my own peach rhubarb preserves and used that instead of apricot preserves and they were totally delicious. My husband and three older kids all had ice cream with it and can I just tell you that they are the perfect dessert. The only thing I would do differently is instead of 1 3/4 sticks of butter I’d probably only do 1 1/4 sticks. So that’s my idea for dessert.

  2. Ooh…entertaining….I’ve got a suggestion for a tasty summery (Mexican-ish) salad: one each green, red, orange (or yellow) bell pepper and 1/2 a sweet onion, chopped up. Mix that with one can of kidney beans and about 1/2 a small bottle of catalina dressing. Let marinate for a couple hours and serve with Old Dutch BBQ corn chips or the American equivalent…which I think Mr. J. told me are…Fritos? Something corn-chippy anyway. It’s a fantastic light salad and so easy to make. Plus, it’s got lots of protein for your vegetarian friend. Have fun!

  3. This will probably not be helpful, but my favorite “Mexican” summer meal is a taco salad. I usually have everything separated into different serving bowls, so everyone can choose to make the salad their way. But it’s good for groups that are comfortable and not formal. If I come up with something fantastic, I’ll let you know. Best wishes!

  4. My daughter is just at the seize where I can still open kitchen drawers over her head without bumping her when she stands up. Those days will end very soon.

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