At Least She Came Back

Husband, Anja and I were out for a walk tonight.  He parted ways with us while Anja and I went a bit further.  Usually when she and I are out walking or running, I’ll stop occasionally and point things out to her–birds, leaves, rocks, planes, etc.–but tonight I was silent.

When we got back to the house and I came around the front of the stroller to unbuckle her, she looked genuinely surprised to see me.  The baby mind fascinates me.  Did she think she was just out for the rest of the walk by herself, since she couldn’t see or hear me?  The thought of her out cruising the neighborhood in some sort of self-directed stroller made me laugh out loud.

And then, as it often goes, the spiritual parallel hit me.  How often do we think we’re out “doing our own thing,” only to be stopped and confronted with the presence of God?  And we act completely surprised, like, “Oh, Lord, I forgot you were here.  How about that?”  Thinking that we are independent of Him can be a dangerous thing.  As the Proverbs say, ” The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps (ESV).”  Help me to remember, Father.


13 thoughts on “At Least She Came Back

  1. It’s amazing, the things we learn from our children.

    And sometimes, kind of amusing. She must have been impressed by your timing. “Wow. That was fast. The ride *just* ended!”

  2. That is a great parallel! I find that to be especially true when I am busy. Since I am especially busy right now, I needed to hear that today! Thanks for posting your insight!

  3. Wow, I am usually too busy/distracted/tired/whatever to notice looks of surprise on my baby’s face. How totally awesomely clued-in you were to have noticed that about Anya! (And, yes, totally hilarious about noticing her still developing sense of object permanence (remember learning about that in your baby classes/baby books?)) And even more awesome is the way you wrapped your mind around how we do that to God, too. Thanks for the story with the great moral!!!

  4. I’m just commenting so I can see what my assigned quilt square looks like on your Comments page. (It better be cool!)

  5. This was LOVELY.
    The Baby – when she WAS a baby – got very upset when she realized that someone other than me was pushing the stroller. What difference did it make? Apparently, some.

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