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A while back, I got an offer to try out a new baby sling. How could I refuse? The kind, lovely people at Mod Mum sent me this beautiful sling in the mail (I got to pick out which style I wanted, but there are many more…I was torn between the one I got and this one…and let’s be honest, this one, too.).

Mod Mum

The past couple of weeks, Anja has been a little needier (to say the least). The sling has worked beautifully for those times when she needed a little extra lovin’. I put her in it on my left hip, pulled the padded part down under her little bum and behind her knees, and she would ride around with me happily while I scrubbed fingerprints off of doors, cooked dinner, or even worked on my computer. Though I haven’t tried it yet for this, I hear they’re also great for quick errands where you don’t want to hassle with a stroller but need your hands free. Once she passes the year mark, I have a feeling I’ll be using it for such purposes often.

If you have a baby (or know someone who does or is expecting), I would suggest you high-tail it over to Mod Mum and check out their slings. They are fashionable, reversible (two looks in one, for you fashion-conscious folks) and practical. And, little known to most people, they work for DADS, too!

8 thoughts on “Mod Mum

  1. How neat! I have been looking at slings lately since I am sure once my baby is born, I will need lots of hands-free transportation for him since his two brothers are still going to want the attention they are accustomed to! This is a brand I had heard about but not really researched yet. I want a fitted sling though, because the ring style one I had with my second never felt secure or right. Good to hear that you like it!

  2. It looks very MOD and comfy. Is it stretchy? I won’t waste the great sales pitch you have made here by telling you which brand of sling we like, but can I just say that my husband has a black sling and he carries our babies around too!? Would love to see a photo of you with needy Anya in the sling!!

  3. Hi there, Minnesota Mom : )

    I found your blog while I was blog hopping and I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed my visit with you this evening. : ) I bookmarked you so that I can stop by again.

    I am also a Minnesota mom (born and raised in the Twin Cities Metro area). My husband and I have one baby girl (20 months old).

    Sling are wonderful, aren’t they? I have a few of them. For a very long time, a pouch sling was the only type of carrier that my daughter would tolerate. I use a sling when my daughter needs extra special attention, when she needs “time in” and I also often keep one in my diaper bag because like you mentioned, it is sometimes nice to just put her in the sling and make a quick run into Walgreens or something without having to use a stroller or a cart. My daughter is over a year and a half and I still use my slings now and then.

    Enjoy your summer… Isn’t it delightful that we are finally having some warm and SUNNY weather? God bless.

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