Mo’ Meme

Veronica tagged me for a meme a few weeks ago, and I felt like doing it tonight, so…here it is! If mine looks different than hers, it’s because I picked and chose questions from the person who tagged her…

Favorite food? Cookies!

Quirks about you? Not a one. Just kidding. I have about 5-10 water bottles rolling around on the passenger-side floor of my car at any given time. I floss religiously. I can bend my fingers at the top knuckle only.

How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? Husband says: “Nice, pretty, good cook, smart, creative, fun.”

Is someone sucking up?

Any regrets in life? Wasting time.

Favorite Charity/ Cause? Bethlehem Baptist Church, Compassion International, Wycliffe, the US Center for World Missions.

Something you can’t get enough of? Cookies.

Worst job you’ve ever had? Working as an assistant to the president of a private school. I could say much more, but I won’t.

What job would you pay NOT to have? Workin’ a honey wagon.

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? People’s homes right after I leave. I would like to hear what people say about me behind my back. Wouldn’t everyone like to know? Perhaps not…

Favorite Bible verse right now? I’m not big into Bible favorites, but the 3rd chapter of Colossians has always hit me at the right times.

Guilty Pleasure? Cookies.

Got any confessions? I haven’t showered yet today.

If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? Camera gear or clothes.

Favorite thing about your house? People I love live here. And it has white trim on the interiors.

Least favorite thing about your house? Not as much storage as I might like.

One thing you are bad at? Staying focused on one task until completion.

One thing you’re good at? Mad Gab. I’m not allowed to play that game anymore, because my team always wins by a landslide.

If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I would like my impinged biceps tendon to be healed so I could play summer sports again.

Who would you like to meet someday? Jesus. Sounds like a Sunday School answer, but it’s true.

What makes you feel sexy? Not much. I think when I feel witty I feel better about myself, but I rarely feel sexy.

Who is your real life hero? Jesus.

What is the hardest part of your job? Right now? Finding things to do! Construction is in a slump.

When are you most relaxed? Saturday mornings. Husband usually gets up before me and takes the daughter out of our room if she’s fussing so I can sleep a little late.

What stresses you out? The lack of time in a day (she writes as she’s wasting time).

I’m only tagging you if you want to play. So, go forth and meme if you want to! I just made meme a verb, by the way.


8 thoughts on “Mo’ Meme

  1. Great facts. And I must say, you give a great interview.

    Your photos are I must say. I have peeked in on your flickr site over the past few weeks and you are crazy photo queen these days. Great eye, great colors…just great 🙂

  2. Hey Heather,
    I just saw a comment you left for me a looong time ago and I had tried to click over to your blog but couldn’t find it then. I just found you through “Chatting At the Sky” and I’m loving your blog! I read your “100 Things” and laughed out loud at a couple of them. I’ll definitely be coming back for more!!

  3. What! Why are cookies a guilty pleasure? If you’re going to indulge, indulge; leave the guilt at the bottom of the cookie jar with the crumbs. 🙂

    Fun meme. I’d like to know why you won’t say more about working as an assistant to the president of that private school, though. Did he or she lock students away in a closet, rubbing his or her hands together and laughing maniacally? Or were the hours long and the pay lousy? I think your readers deserve more than just a vague reference to this mysteriously troubled job.

  4. I think you only THINK that you want to hear what people say about you right after you leave (although I’m sure they only say nice stuff, but still.). ONCE I DID HEAR SOME THINGS BY ACCIDENT, and it has HAUNTED me ever since. Avoid that!

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