It’s my 200th post! I know! Celebration time!

I can’t believe I’ve stuck with this and enjoyed it as much as I have. Good for me! b*pats self on back*


Anyway, I like to commemorate milestones with gifts for YOU, my dear readers, who make this blog as fun as it is (seriously, if I had no commenters? I would have lasted two weeks, tops.). Because I think it would be fun to do Bloggy Giveaways at the end of the month, I’m going to wait to reveal the prize until then, but here’s the sweet deal for those of you who have been riding this train for awhile. You will each be allowed 3 comments toward winning the prize. See, WordPress has this neat feature where I have to approve your first several comments before you’re allowed leeway to comment freely. For those of you who have passed that point (a.k.a. my regular commenters) by Bloggy Giveaway time, you can comment three times and have as many entries into the giveaway.

Oh, I so wish I could tell you what I have to give away. As much as I love funny books and Bath & Body Works, this giveaway will top the prior ones, in my opinion. So stay tuned!

And feel free to wish me some sort of congratulations on my stick-to-it-iveness. 🙂


Lastly, I have a question for you friends. What would you like to see/hear/read more of on this blog? Be honest, now; you won’t hurt my feelings! If there’s something you’d like more of that is not in the poll, feel free to comment below.



16 thoughts on “200

  1. I can’t vote because I’d like to see more of all that stuff on your blog and there wasn’t an “all of the above” option. So…I pick all of the above. But I did used to live in St. Paul so more pictures might be nice.


  2. What? We only get to choose ONE poll option? That’s really not fair when there are so many good options. I want to sign the petition for the “all of the above” option Joanna mentioned.

    Congrats on your 200th post, Heidi! Pat, pat, pat. (You needed more pats on the back, in my opinion.) Keep it up so that we all get the chance to post on your 500th post, too. 🙂

  3. This makes me want to go back and see what I have done! Maybe 2 or 3???

    Congrats on your milestone! And I will admit, I miss bad poetry. I think I am the only one – but I do miss it! 🙂

  4. You bribed us silly!!!!!!!!!!

    So I am a loser, I am only at 89…. But in a few days I could hit 100 if I keep posting! I have a hilarious picture of Jadon that I am working on posting right now so pop on over in a little bit. Remember, Anja will go through these phases soon, so dont laugh too hard when you see it.

  5. I think reading about your daily life is the most entertaining and insightful. I hope I have three comments (if not more) by the time you get ready to announce what you’re giving away.

    Congrats on your stick-to-it-ivness! 🙂

  6. I didn’t bribe you, Lori! Ha! This is just my way of being nice to those of you who are my regular readers NOW so that you have a better chance of winning when the giveaway happens. See? Anyone who’s a regular commenter has a leg up.

  7. 200th post! Awesome! I’ve got two to go until mine.

    I am so all for bad poetry, but please not haiku unless it’s in its purest form.

    I am SO excited for Bloggy Giveaways. I’m still trying to figure out what to give away though.

  8. Just want free stuff. I heard you give away free stuff. That’s why I’m here. hehehe. Just kidding, you’re a great writer. I totally agree with you on the Cookie Monster thing, by the way. Who can eat just ONE cookie??????

  9. Hey MM, huge congrats on 200!! I love reading about your life and times, and I LOVE your photography too…You are a blessing to me!

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do for Bloggy Giveaways. You’re ahead of the game!

  10. When I first started my blog just over four years ago, I spent great amounts of times writing essays. It was exhausing and discouraging. I almost gave up, but then my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I gave up on the carefully composed thoughts and just wrote from the anguish of my heart. The responses and the prayers that resulted encouraged both my mom and me. From that point on I write what’s on my heart. If I don’t have anything to write about, I don’t.

    So, what would I like to see on your blog? That which is on your heart and you feel comfortable sharing. We will laugh with you, cry with you and pray for you. We are your friends.

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