Does Anyone Else Feel Betrayed?

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Cookie Story

How can you continue to be called “Cookie Monster” if you no longer eat cookies in plural form? I try to be as healthy as (okay, healthier than) the next guy, but cookies? U R My Friend. [Cookie] Monster, you have been castrated, and you are dead to me. May your former cookie-binging self live on in my memory.


7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Feel Betrayed?

  1. I noticed that Cookie wasn’t cookie anymore a few weeks ago. I wondered if anyone else thought that odd. I guess he won’t be singing “C is for Cookie” anymore. Between Cookie Monster’s castration and the addition of Abby, I don’t know if we’re going to keep watching Sesame Street.

  2. Et tu, Cookie?

    What’s next? Cookie Monster traveling the country, speaking on the dangers of childhood obesity to the under-5 crowd? “Me no want you to gorge on cookies, kids. You grow fat. You eat veggies, too. Me love veggies. Om nom nom.”

    It’s silly. Sesame Street is a show for kids. Kids like cookies. Kids have parents to ensure that kids do not actually have a cookies-only diet like Cookie Monster does (did).

    Point in case: my Sesame Street watching toddler came up to me as I was typing my reply and asked me for a cookie; she just had a cookie after dinner, so I said no. See? NO HARM DONE.

  3. “I will not eat fruit unless it is in loop or pebble form” – I love it!!!! Poor Cookie Monster. Its really not his fault, its the scientists that told him that cookies were bad for him.

    Cookie Monster, I still love you! Cowabunga, Cookie, Cookie Cookie starts with C.

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