A Fine Foray into the Modern Era

I have read many interesting posts about “modesty” and “dignity” in recent weeks, which reminded me of these fun sites:


Um, hello, I would drown.  Tell me: How is the “slimming” suit different from the others?


Daddy’s little princesses only wear dress-up clothing from different eras…


Ther motto: “Rediscover the Beauty of Modesty.” I just can’t say what I want to say here. I really can’t.

However, this recently popped up while I was checking my email, and it’s actually got some cute/stylish suits that don’t leave you groping for a cover-up:



8 thoughts on “A Fine Foray into the Modern Era

  1. My sentiments exactly. I have boys, so other than being modest myself, I have so much less to think about here. They aren’t trying to hawk revealing clothing for little boys yet! But I really love those swimsuits! I am tempted to order one even though I am quite pregnant these days and would not actually get to wear it for quite some time…

  2. I grew up in the ultra conservative camp (although they have come a LONG way since the 80s and 90s…strangely like Cookie Monster…hmmm…)

    My favorite piece of “modest” attire is the pair of knee-length volleyball shorts. Or rather, the sports cool-ott (not sure how to spell it).

    I especially love watching the cool-ott-clad girls dive for the volleyball and – whoops!

    Was that a thong?????

  3. Wow. I’ll take my Land’s End skirted suit, thank you very much.

    There are some other great modest styles out there, like mikarose.com and shabbyapple.com

  4. The Daddy’s Little Princess site – despite having a cringe-worthy name and some freaking CULOTTES – does have some pretty and inexpensive girl’s dresses. I’m actually thinking of maybe ordering some! My oldest daughter LOVES dresses. LOVES.

  5. The third link…so, so frighteningly ugly. And “modest clothing…for INFANTS”???

    I guess my baby wearing just a diaper is pretty scandalous.

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