Riddle me THIS, Batman! Where did a year go?

This has nothing to do with the new movie out, which I haven’t seen and probably won’t see (because I’m a chicken).

Okay, folks.  My mom is here (she took us out to dinner at a “fancy” place last night that had gluten-free food–yay!), so I’m taking the opportunity to get some things done that don’t include watching a baby that recently learned to pull to standing and walk around furniture (how much more baby-proofing can my house handle?).  But I’m also starting to stress out about this: just a little over a month from now, Anja will turn ONE. YEAR. OLD.

I can’t believe how quickly it’s sneaked (snuck?) up on me.  And we all know what turning one means.  Some sort of party.  Ours will be fairly small, with immediate family only.  She has no friends and no cousins, so no kid-friendliness necessary (other than for her).  I’m leaning toward either a yellow duck or a pink bunny theme, depending on what sort of items I can find.  I’ll probably make and decorate her cake myself…

So tell me: what have you done for your children’s first birthdays?  Any tips/tricks/favor ideas/kiddish games for adults/good website recommendations?  Spill it, friends!  I need help!

10 thoughts on “Riddle me THIS, Batman! Where did a year go?

  1. Ours was a family party – both times. Simple cakes for both adults and the birthday girl. (I made a small cake for them with a 6 in cake pan.)

    My “theme” was based upon little nicknames we gave them during their first year. Elisan Rae was “Rae of Sunshine” and Kyla (an October baby) was “Lil’ Pumpkin”. It worked for us.

    I”m sure whatever you do will be super sweet and special for everyone!

  2. For my son’s first birthday, I did a time capsule. Every guest was asked to bring something to commemorate the year. I also gave guests the option to write my son a letter containing words of advice on growing up. When my son turns 16, we will open the box and see how much things have changed and for him to read the advice that others have given him. For his second (and more) birthday, I am picking a book that is age-appropriate for his current age that has to do with what he’s currently interested in (a Curious George discovery book was for this year). I had everyone at his party sign the book. When he is grown, he will have a small set of books for his own kids. There are a bunch of good hints and tips out there. Check out the parenting magazines websites.

  3. I would totally go pink bunnies AND yellow duckies! But then again, that’s just me.

    I bet you will do GREAT at mini party planning. A year, though. Whoa.

  4. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Some of those days seem like they’re THREE WEEKS LONG and then BLAM! the kid is suddenly a year older!

    For my first child’s first birthday, I made her a sugarless whole wheat carrot cake. With no frosting. Oh yes I did.

  5. We did pretty low-key 1st birthday celebrations–presents, decorations, and the miniature, personal birthday cake. My son really dug into his and made a mess; my daughter picked at hers daintily. Neither one of them were overly impressed by the presents they received — or at least, not the act of opening presents.

    So whatever you decide to do for the party, it will be impossible to disappoint the birthday girl.

  6. My only advice it to keep it simple! Both of my kids were slightly overwhelmed even by the family and close friends that were there. We just did cake, presents, and fellowship, and I wouldn’t change anything by adding games or anything like that, because the kids don’t really know the difference and once they are older, you have to plan all that stuff since they actually know and understand what is going on. This is your year to celebrate that you made it through the year intact! Don’t stress yourself out by going overboard – you have many, many years to do that in the future! 🙂

  7. I’m impressed that you’re going to plan a ‘real’ party. We just had two friends over since our families live so far away. But the birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself nonetheless.

    It does sneak up on you though [I think ‘sneaked’ sounds way more retarded than ‘snuck’ but ‘sneaked’ is indeed grammatically correct. Phooey!].

    My only birthday tip is for Anja to have her own cupcake or something she can make a small mess of. We were at a cousin’s first birthday party once and they only had one cake which she DESTROYED and basically slobbered all over and then we were expected to still EAT IT. Gross!

  8. Heidi,
    I gathered from your posts at Quiet Life that you were from MN. I linked over out of curiosity and normally I wouldn’t comment but first birthdays are made for tradition starting.

    I didn’t do this with my kids because I learned about after my girls were toddlers but I did encourage Lynn (Lynn in WI is my sister) to do this.

    The idea is to make a birthday flag. Lynn could give you more details but the ones she made for her boys were out of felt and they are hung in the house for the birthday each year. I think I originally saw the idea on Donna’s Day with Donna Erickson (another great MN mom).

    Nice to meet you!

  9. In the morning DeeDee recieived her big one-year present. Later, we went out to eat at a reasonable restaurant. It was our family and the friend from church who was in the labor room with us.

    In the evening we backed a small strawberry cake with thick pink frosting, stripped DeeDee down to her diaper, and filled the bathtub with water for the inevitable bath coming up later.

    After we sang happy birthday, we gave her the cake and let her have at it. By the time she was done, there was cake and frosting all over her and all over the brown shipping paper we put on the floor. Of course we had to video the whole thing.

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