Gold Rush – The 2008 Summer Olympics

Some of you longtime readers may remember that I am an OLYMPICS FREAK.  I didn’t watch television for 7 years, and then bought an antenna specifically for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  These games are no different.  As soon as Anja and I arrived home last night (we were up north at some photo shoots and a little party for Anja), I plunked down in front of the TV and delegated most tasks to Husband.  He was kind enough to indulge me, but I doubt his kindness in that area will last the next 15 days.  🙂

Anyway, was that not the most amazing opening ceremony you’ve ever seen?  I was stunned.  Husband, who for whatever reason doesn’t get into sports of pretty much any kind, usually only watches the opening ceremony, and when I called him during a commercial break (I was up north, remember?) to let him know that if he wasn’t watching he’d better darn well WATCH, he was only able to catch the parade of nations (which is nice, but compared to the rest? BO-ring…).  They re-broadcast the ceremony later that night, though, and he stayed up until the wee hours to watch.  He agreed with me.  Amazing.

So…what sport(s) are you following?  Do you have a favorite athlete?

Later this week I’ll post some of my favorite sports and other reasons I watch am addicted to the Olympics.


Sidenote: Please be in prayer for the Bachman family, who live not far from us.  I can’t imagine the pain, and probably anger, their family is feeling right now.

4 thoughts on “Gold Rush – The 2008 Summer Olympics

  1. Hey! I love leaving the first comment. As you can see on my blog, I’m a rabid Green Bay Packer fan. (No, I didn’t grow up in Wisconsin, I’m a born and raised Minnesotan!) I looooove football! I, too, love the Olympics, and catch it when I can. I watched Micael Phelps win the gold last night–so exciting! I love swimming, gymnastics, diving, syncronized swimming…I also enjoy the non-running parts of track-the field parts- mostly because my husband used to throw shot put and I watched him too! And I agree, the opening ceremonies, were great, especially the torch lighting!

  2. You know, it seems like ever since the summer and winter Olympics were split, I don’t catch as much as I used to. Maybe because it was a bigger deal when it came only once every four years, I don’t know.

    We have watched some things though. Did you see the mens’ 100m relay? THAT was cool.

    Hello? Heidi? HEIDI! Back away from the television. 😉

  3. I LOVED the opening ceremonies this year. Normally I cannot stand watching it because it is so random. This one had so much significance and meaning! Perhaps I am more interested since we are adopting from China right now, so all things China are more interesting. I love watching the gymnastics, diving, and all swimming events. Oh, and track.

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