Oh Wow!

Some of Anja’s key words and phrases these days are “Wow!”, “Yeah,” and “Hi!”

Just a moment ago I was passing through the living room and Daddy was reading her the story of Noah’s Ark. He got to the page about the flood and read something to the effect of “And then it rained and rained and God covered the whole earth with water.”

“Oh WOW!” Anja exclaimed.

He looked up at me and we exchanged smiles. Neither of us pretend that she knows what she is saying, but sometimes it’s so timely that we have to laugh.

2 thoughts on “Oh Wow!

  1. hi,
    I find your blog somehow and I have been peeking at it to see if I could get any ideas of things to do in MN. We are moving there in two weeks from CA so I am just trying to get a feel of the area, We are moving to the minneapolis area so My husband can attend univ of st. thomas law school. anyway if you have any tips or ideas of things to do it would be nice to hear from someone who lives in the area

    thank so much

  2. Ha ha, that’s cute. And you never know — she may have meant exactly what she said. Some of my daughter’s earliest words were (are) exclamations. Girls never do anything half way, after all. đŸ˜‰

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