But what if the security cameras have heat sensors?

Random thoughts often cross my mind.  (Duh, I suppose that happens to everyone.)  Some get air time, some get dropped immediately.  One such random thought lingered in my brain this evening, so I thought I would share it with you.  It’s actually a question.  And it reminds me of something I would have put much thought into in high school.  I guess some things never change.

Which place would you rather be trapped in alone at night?  And if you feel like expounding, why?

A. Library

B. Target/Wal-Mart

C. A paper warehouse

D. Your high school

E. A bakery


16 thoughts on “But what if the security cameras have heat sensors?

  1. B. Target – It’s the food factor. I can’t be without food, if even for a night.

    Plus, I would always borrow and pillow and blanket and take a nap (or even read from one of the books in the book section) I could.

  2. A bakery. Those guys come in at 2 in the morning or some such horrible time in the middle of the night so you wouldn’t really be trapped alone all night. And then they’d have the most yummy breakfast and undoubtedly coffee and it would be heaven on Earth!!!

  3. 1. Library – If I knew where the light switch was, and had my reading glasses, this would be number 2 on my list.

    2. Target – At least I could have jammies, a pillow, blanket and some entertainment – and snacks!

    3. Paper Warehouse – Well, not really. Kinda boring… Unless they also had stamping supplies…

    4. Highschool – bad memories. I will skip this one thanks.

    5. Bakery – while I love freshed baked goods, I dont like the smell of bread dough – I know, strange… I like the smell of baked bread, but not the smell that comes before its baked… I work two doors down from a bakery… and across town from a Bacon plant. I bet you can imagine bacon is not my favorite food!

  4. I was going to say the library until I read Erica’s answer. Target has books too! And food. And all of the other things it would take to be comfortable for a night. So yeah–Target.

  5. I think Target. I agree with the other responses–food, jammies, entertainment, etc. But if you think more about it, the library would be nice and quiet, there’s usually couches or comfy chairs to sit in, lots of reading material, plus the internet…Gee, now it seems like a draw between the two for me!

  6. Target. Pillows, blankies, DVDs, food, jammies, slippers, chocolate, books, magazines, music. Our SuperTarget even has furniture. I’d make myself right at home. The only issue would be finding the master light controls so I could rest without flourescent lighting.

    Of course, the next day I’d have to cough up $1,000 to pay for everything I used.

  7. The library. Our library.

    They have a little room with a fire place and it is cozy.

    The internet would keep me occupied. Sorry books.

    I would however miss a blanket and pillow.

  8. Library hands down.

    I am sure the city turns off most of the lights (& there aren’t many windows) so sleeping would be possible. Also, the computers all have internet. Oh, & they have private conference rooms where I could definitely make it dark (the doors are solid) and sleep. I’d just drag one of those fluffy benches in! Plus I wouldn’t be using anything I didn’t pay for. Also, our library is kind of on the small side & I am scared of being alone in big places. (Like, even the elementary school, I WORK IN!)

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  10. A. Library
    No. Libraries are creepy at night. I had to work at a library afterhours one winter and it was SPOOKY.

    B. Target/Wal-Mart
    If I had to be stuck someplace for a WEEK, sure. I would set up a tent and a cot and have my own cozy little house right in the middle of Wal-Mart. Or Target.

    C. A paper warehouse
    No! I would STARVE! And I would get PAPER CUTS!

    D. Your high school
    Good grief. No.

    E. A bakery
    Someone above made the very convincing arguement that bakeries open at 2 in the morning, making it the winner. And bakeries smell like heaven.

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