I’d be scared of all the booooks

Your answers were so fun to read through–thanks for playing along with my high schoolish quiz. 🙂

Me, I’d be scared of the library. Not as many safety lights on at night in there…

A paper warehouse? I’d have fun if there were other office supplies, but hard-pressed to find anywhere to get some rest. I actually stayed overnight in the gym of my old high school (we changed to a new building my senior year), and it wasn’t that bad, but there were tons of other kids there. A bakery would be OH SO YUMMY, but because I lack the fruit of self-control when it comes to baked goods, I must choose…Target. Like many of you, the variety of things to do, places to sleep, food to eat, etc. was my draw.

And speaking of my high school…I had my 10-yr reunion this past weekend! I hope to post some photos later this week.

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