Halp! My brain is drowning…

So I bought a logo for my photography site yesterday at a VERY discounted rate from an artist/blogger that I love.  Problem is, I would like to change the color of it.  It is a psd (photoshop doc), and each component is in layers.  Does anyone know Photoshop well enough to tell me how to change the color of one of those layers?  Any help MUCH appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Halp! My brain is drowning…

  1. If you have each component in layers, it’s easy. There might be better ways, but I like to play around with Hue/Saturation (command +U on a mac). Select the colorize box and play around with the hue.

    You can also play with the channels too. Good luck.
    -Amy from Texas

  2. I was going to say the same thing–try hue/saturation. It will affect every layer that’s underneath it, so if you only want to affect the layer immediately below it, hover your mouse over the line between the two layers in the Layer panel while holding down the Alt key. You’ll see the mouse turn into a black and white circle that overlap–at that point, click the mouse and it will create a clipping mask (at least I think that’s what it’s called). Your hue/sat layer will then have a little arrow next to it, pointing down at the layer below it.

    Hope that helps–can’t wait to see your new look!

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