I’m a Productive Sick

I’m sick today. Ache-y, Kleenex-shoved-up-my-nose-to-keep-it-from-dripping, cough-y sick. Thankfully, in the Lord’s mercy, He has given Anja an other-worldly ability to entertain herself today. Seriously, she’s been playing and reading books alone for the better part of two hours now. She started in her room, disassembling piles of clothes (I’ve been sorting out the ones she’s outgrown for storage), reading books (she literally pages through them and “reads” to herself…not bad for an almost-one-year-old), and walking herself around the outside of her crib, trying to reach the pacifier that lies in the middle of it. Then she moved on to the living room, reading more books and completely emptying her toy box all over the floor. I couldn’t care less about that right now. 🙂

Me, I know things need getting done despite my desire to lie in bed with a book moaning, so I’ve done laundry, put away scads of clothes (those piles, they are my nemeses), worked on a few blog posts, re-scheduled some appointments, rotated Anja’s toys (part of the reason she’s kept herself so busy…she hasn’t seen these toys in about 2 months) and books, and re-stocked her dresser with hand-me-downs that say “12-18 mos.” in the tag. She doesn’t quite fit in them yet, but by fall she will. I’ve also cleaned up some of my minions, which are what Husband calls the Kleenexes that escape me in the night and fall behind the bed. I think the first time he mentioned this, several years ago, he said something to the effect of, “Your minions are assembling an army behind the bed.” He cracks me up.

And oh my goodness–it’s two minutes to nap time, and here she comes, crawling down the hall to tell me so. Who else has such a responsible baby?

Anyway, here’s a photo to make you happy–a sweet newborn I got to shoot almost two weeks ago. Isn’t she cute?



10 thoughts on “I’m a Productive Sick

  1. I wish you lived closer – I’d have you shoot my baby when he’s born!

    I remember being sick with a young toddler and it is the hardest time to be sick! Now at 3 and 5, my boys understand that mommy’s not well and needs to rest more. What a blessing! But God does give grace. I had several experiences like you describe when my kids entertained themselves far beyond what they should have when I really needed it! Hope you get some rest.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re sick. 😛 I was half expecting to get my “sumer cold” this year – but it never showed up! (knock on wood)

    Great photo, too! You are so talented – truly, you are!

  3. So sorry you’re sick! No fun!

    I love hearing about Anja and what she’s up to. What a delight that she is such a responsible baby and reminds you to put her down for her nap.

    Hope you got your minions all in order.

    Loved the photos of the baby with all that hair. She’s a cutey!

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