If not Ron Paul, then who?

Husband thinks he may have found someone to vote for.  Here are a few highlights he pointed out to me from a blog post of Barr’s on global warming.  Husband feels very strongly about global warming (holy MOLY…while watching the Olympics almost every ad mentions it in some respect), that it is not the government’s job to dictate which type of fuels we use (as is currently being done by giving subsidies to corn farmers for ethanol).  I have to say that I concur.

“So-called cap and trade legislation, recently rejected by the U.S. Senate, would do grievous damage to the American economy.”

“Attempting to adjust global temperatures by artificially cutting energy consumption would undermine the very prosperous and innovative market system upon which we must rely for answers to everything from health care to international poverty to environmental protection.”

“The development of alternatives to fossil fuels would provide the country with many benefits, ranging from lower CO2 emissions to greater diversity of energy supplies.  Given the failure of past government subsidy programs, this transformation can only be led by the private sector.”


4 thoughts on “If not Ron Paul, then who?

  1. I am sure I am way off on this, but you didnt happen to bump into one of our bloggy friends IRL did you? You popped into my mind when she mentioned meeting someone in the health food store – not that there arent 500,000 people in the TC that shop there and read her blog.


  2. I am so SICK of hearing about global warming at every turn. Sheesh!
    I’m glad that you are willing to take a pretty strong political stance on your blog. It’s appreciated.

    In some ways, I’m glad I DON’T get a vote in the election – we’re still stumped.

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