A New Way to Feed Your Baby

Anja has been eating a lot more “big person” food these days. Tonight her dinner was chunks of cooked tofu, yogurt, banana, tomato, soy milk and water. She’ll probably have more of the same with us when we have dinner. She ate the tofu fine yesterday and the day before, but tonight she decided she would have none of it, and threw almost every piece on the floor.

Being the good, attentive mother that I am, I left it there. Knowing her proclivity for things from the floor, I figured she would be back to eat it later. And sure enough, as I type this, she is noshing on tofu. What is it about the floor’s “seasoning” that makes it so much more desirable?


Anja has developed many new “skills” over the past few months (assuming one can call mischief a skill). Here is a list of my new favorite and not-so-favorite things she does:

  • Getting food into every possible orifice on her head as well as in her hair while she eats

  • Paging through mommy’s journal and other “don’t touch” books
  • Talking in a “language” all her own (I should try and post a video—it’s priceless. But I’m sure it’s much the same as any other baby’s babble. It’s special, though, because she’s MY baby.)

  • “Reading” books using that same language
  • “Sorting” the recycling

  • Pulling up to standing and walking around furniture (she mastered this one in one day’s time—I was astounded). Now she’s standing on her own, too. I told her to take her time with walking…
  • Calling numbers on the phone whenever she can get her hands on it (oddly enough, one started with 555-, as if she knew she shouldn’t be dialing real numbers)
  • Tipping over chairs

  • And my personal favorite: looking fantastically cute. But she mastered that one long ago…


6 thoughts on “A New Way to Feed Your Baby

  1. Oh, she is so cute. My Emma is mastering some of the same skills! We don’t have much of a chance to nosh on floor food, though, Sami the Beagle takes care of that…BTW, thanks for the link to the dad potty training…I actually am trying the no pants technique, from a suggestion from Mck Mama. We’ll see! If anything, I can entertain myself with his blog–it’s hilarious!

  2. Yes, floor flavored tofu sounds much more yummy to my 1yo, too. She “told” me so herself…while eating some of her leftover grapes off the floor. What’s with that???

    She’s very cute! I really like her name, too.

  3. That’s funny….our LG was just dialing a bunch of fives. Then she did something weird with the phone and I can’t figure it out. It’s put away now. 🙂

  4. The floor thing last a long time, too. I am constantly reminding my three year old that he cannot eat whatever he finds on the floor – especially when it is not at our house! She is really cute!

  5. Ha! Anja’s floor food made me laugh! A little known (and somewhat embarrassing) fact about me is that I ate out of the garbage can as a child…apparently I thought it tasted better out of the trash than off the plate…my mother thought along the same lines as you…at least I ate it eventually. Needless to say my mom kept the trash can very clean!


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