Clank, Clunk

Do you ever feel like your humor is wasted on someone? Like you make a funny one-liner and it actually makes noise as it hits the floor in the dead silence?

Sigh…good thing I’m the funniest person I know.


I scanned my fist to someone on Tuesday. We have a color copier at the office where everyone’s name is inputted and you can just scan stuff to yourself. So I picked a co-workers name and scanned my fist. He poked his head into the printing area and then shook it (his head–for those of you unable to connect my participle). I was laughing hysterically by this point and said, “Did you know it was me?”

“I had a pretty good idea,” he said, and walked away. I hope he thought it was funny and not just stupid. I am always thinking that I am SO DARN FUNNY and hoping that I don’t come across as an idiot. Ah well. At least I’m having fun.


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