And I can dance real good, too

Every once in a while, I dust off the ol’ sewing machine.  Mostly, I’ve stuck with basic, easy things…like curtains.  Now, the curtains in my bedroom?  Those took some darn thought, and I might have to post them sometime to amaze you all with my incredible skillz.  But today, I will post about one of the simplest sewing projects I’ve ever done: Anja’s birthday banner.

I saw the idea on a lovely blog, where a similar banner was hanging zig-zagged across a mostly-white kitchen with some stuff on a little white modernish table.  I say this because FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot find the post I stole this idea from!  If you know, please help me out, because I’d love to link to her.

Anyway, I made a few little templates out of cardstock and traced them on some fabrics and cut them out and then just sewed one long line of them all together for a birthday banner.  Here’s a pile of scraps.  I cut most of them (but Husband helped with some!) while watching the Olympics.  See?  I can be productive and enjoy sports at the same time!

Scraps 08-29-08

And here’s the finished product hanging up (well, a small portion of it–the whole thing is actually about 50′ long!).

Banner 083108

So how about you lovely people?  Have you tried your hand at something new lately?  I’d love a link in the comments if you have a post up about it.


6 thoughts on “And I can dance real good, too

  1. LOL, that’s funny. I liked all your fair pictures. I thought they were delicious.

    My sewing machine is my friend. We commune every day. Right now, I’m making 2 nightgowns for my oldest daughter, a tote bag, a pair of maternity jeans, a sock needle case for a knitter friend, and teaching my oldest to sew a pair of pajama bottoms for her little sister. I think there’s more but…who can remember all the projects.

    I really like your birthday banner though. I think it’s so cute!!! I wish you had posted it just a week earlier; I would have made one for Rachel’s birthday party. Great idea!

  2. What a great idea! That is so cute, I would hang it in my kid’s room for decoration.

    My latest sewing project was a nap mat. It turned out really cute, but the velcro on the ribbon that holds it together is falling off. Guess I need to dust the sewing machine off again. I’m terrible at sewing!! I taught myself and it is very obvious! ha. The nap mat is on the bottom of this page…

    My upcoming project is going to be sewing ribbon around the bottom of my daughter’s jeans. Jeans are always way too long, so I’m planning to cut them, then cuff them and sew a bright orange and white polka dot ribbon over the edge of the cuff. They will be her halloween jeans. I also have a cute ghost and pumpkin I might sew on the legs.

    I just bought a be-dazzler! I’m excited to bling up some baby jeans! ha.

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