A Me Meme

Esther posted this meme a little while back and asked me to play.  It may be more than you have EVER wanted to know about me.  Heh heh.

Have you ever…

gone on a blind date? Never!

skipped school? In college, yes. I still have frequent dreams that I’ve missed an entire semester of classes and am late for the final…stressful…
watched someone die? My father.
been to Canada? Multiple times. Mostly Winnipeg.
been to Mexico? Nope, within miles of the border, but never crossed.
been to Florida? Second to Canada, probably the destination I’ve been to most. Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Fort Myers, Sanibel-Captiva
been on a plane? Too many times.
been lost? I’m sure, but not often. Husband just mentioned getting a Tam-Tam, and I was like, “Why? We have ME.”
been on the opposite side of the country? Opposite of Minnesota = Texas, and OH, is it lovely! San Antonio was a favorite.
swam in the ocean? In Brazil at multiple beaches, in Daytona, FL, San Diego, CA, and…that’s about it, I think. Unless you count the Gulf, which I don’t.
had your booze taken away by the cops? What booze?
lettered in high school sport? Golf, Soccer, and my not-so-sporty side…academics, music and something else I’m forgetting. Mom? Can you look at my jacket?
cried yourself to sleep? Oh yes.
played cops and robbers? Of course. I grew up with a brother.
played dolls? That, too. My grandmother was/is a doll collector, so I had not only Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbies, but expensive, nice dollies, too.
sung karaoke? I haven’t! Always wanted to, though.
paid for a meal with coins only? Probably at Taco John’s in high school. Taco Tuesday they were only 29 cents or something ridiculously cheap.
done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Eat another cookie. And other, more heinous things.
cheated on an exam? None that I can think of specifically, but I’d probably be lying to myself if I maintained that I’ve never cheated in my life.
made prank phone calls? Yes. I was quite the prankster in high school.
laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose? A grade-school friend often reminds me of one time when I covered my pancakes in milk…through my nose.
caught a snowflake on your tounge? Too many times to count!
danced in the rain? Yup!
written a letter to Santa Claus? I don’t remember…
watched the sunrise with someone you care about? My grandparents. Doubt Hubby and I have ever been up together at sunrise. J
been kissed under the misteltoe? Yes
ever been arrested? NO!
blown bubbles? I love them even more than babies, I think.
gone ice skating? Yes, but I’m not very good at it.

been skinny dipping outdoors? I think not. Wow, this is an incriminating quiz.
had a nickname? Yep. I’ve been called Heids, Duchess, and variations of my last names (maiden and married). Oh, and Huey (one of the three duck triplets).
been to Africa? nope
eaten cookies for dinner? Cookies ALL THE TIME.
been on TV? I don’t think so. Mom?
been in a car accident? Two, as I recall. One when I was riding with my mom and was little. A cop slid down an icy hill into our car. In another one a friend was driving and hit a mailbox at like 2 a.m. Again, ice. I lived in northern MN, remember? It was icy 7 months of the year, sometimes more. I’ve never been in an accident while driving.
What is your…
mother’s name? I don’t think I’m allowed to say online.
favorite drink? Water
favorite alcohol? Hard Lemonade or an Asian Pear Mojito
birthplace? Not sayin’
favorite vacation spot? That I’ve been to? Probably Porta Canoa, Brazil, or California (in general)
favorite salad dressing? Peppercorn Ranch or Strawberry Poppyseed
favorite pie? Some sort of creamy chocolate or peanut butter
favorite number? 8

favorite movie? White Christmas
favorite holiday? Christmas or Easter
favorite food? Cookies…
favorite day of the week? Saturday
favorite brand of body wash? Bath and Body Works or Oil of Olay
favorite toothpaste? Crest
favorite smell? Tough one…I’m a very olfactory-oriented person. I’ll name two—baked goods baking and brewing coffee.
Do you have any…
tattoos? Nope.
body piercings? Earrings, but I’m considering nose.
Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4
What do you do to relax? I rarely really relax, but when I do…read, write or lay around somewhere
How do you see yourself in 10 years? I have no idea. Seriously. Hopefully still a wife and mom, the rest is up in the air.

Feel free to play along and leave a link to your Meme in the comments!

8 thoughts on “A Me Meme

  1. I never skipped class in HS, but skipped my psychology enough times to get reoccurring nightmares that I failed the class. I thought it was just me!

    Perhaps there is some psychology behind it… however, I wouldn’t know since I was hardly ever there.

  2. A little different version that stolen by Judd at Sunday Stealing, but I’m playing along:


    Texas is across from Minnesota? 🙂 Never thought of it that way! But I’ve had some fun in Minnesota . . . had relatives in Bloomington. Born in SD and visited every summer, but I’m a Californian to the core. We contemplated moving to Minneapolis when I was in h.s., but my parents ultimately decided they couldn’t return to the snow.

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