Somebody flipped a switch!

We had been having nice, summer-y weather for a few weeks, and on Tuesday it was like a light went off. The highs are now consistently (currently and forecasted) in the high 60s. Blech. I like fall, but not this early.


6 thoughts on “Somebody flipped a switch!

  1. We had a heat wave this week, and Hanna is arriving tonight. But I’ll take it over early fall weather anytime.

    Just think how much more you’ll appreciate the last few unseasonably warm days that are left. *ducks to avoid being smacked.* 🙂

  2. We had it here in Wisconsin too. Emma can’t figure out why I keep putting socks on her feet. I love fall, but isn’t it sad thinking of the snow that is too soon to follow?

  3. I so am lovin it! I unlike you do not relish our hot summer days here. 80 is too much for me, so wearing a thin long sleeved sweater today was very exciting! hehehehe

    And I hate central air – we have it on all the time because I am a heat wuss, but when I can finally open my windows and be under a blanket I get excited!

    You know we will get some real scorchers yet – its always about the time we pack away the shorts!

  4. It’s all in perspective. As we still get into the 90’s each day here in Texas (apparently the opposite side of the country from you according to your last meme), I can only dream of the weather you’re having. We’ll have it too – around Thanksgiving!

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