A Very Important Question

So I was shivering in the shower the other day, and I got to wondering: Why don’t we get goose bumps (goose pimples, chicken skin, etc. for all you other weirdos) on our face?


7 thoughts on “A Very Important Question

  1. I have never even thought about that before, but it is true – never had goose bumps on my face! It was an interesting thought about the hair, but I asked my husband and he doesn’t get them on his face, even though he has plenty of hair there!

  2. hm…maybe becos we just don’t feel it on the face?? the skin structure is the same anywhere on the body, but the skin on the limbs are more eager to send us the signals than that on the face because they could better warn us about the “danger”…probably wrong answer!! haha!!

  3. Goose pimples is such an icky term. I too prefer goose bumps.

    I think it’s because the veins on the face are so close to the surface, it rarely gets cold. Think of blushing and the slapped-cheek look of cold weather days.

    You’ve never seen a thigh blush, but they get goose bumps.

    My non-scientist theory…

  4. I often feel them creep up my neck, but they seem to stop there. I think questions like these are what comedians regularly think about. Their material seems to be thoughts and observations that we’ve experienced but never really spoken to anyone about or really processed them consciously. That’s why we laugh. We’re like, “Oh yeah, why is that?” Life is just funny.

    We just call them “goosies”. But my husband and I have weird terms for just about everything. And we don’t even have kids yet. Makes me a little scared for when we do.

    But I tell ya, those goose bumps sure come in handy in the shower because you can shave away at least two days worth of leg stubble if you’re real quick!

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