Hibby and Hubby

It’s Monday, morning, and do I have a link for you!  My friend Hibby has started up blogging again!  I met Hibby shortly (as in, moving day, when she and 7 other strangers showed up to help us move in) after arriving in the Twin Cities.  Before I ever met her in person, however, I read some about her on our old small group’s blog (the one we ended up joining when we moved here), and I decided I liked her a lot.

On a fateful trip to a friend’s cabin in northern Minnesota, we got to know each other a bit better and found out that she liked (the word she used at the time was loved, however) me BACK!!!  Awesome.

Then, tragically, last August, she moved out to California to be nearer to the man she would marry (It’s been almost 6 months for them–cheer, cheer!  And get this–they met via blogging…), and I lost a part of my ducky trio.  *insert whimpering sounds*

So anyway, I love it when she blogs (she’s a fabulous writer, let me tell you), and I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to stop by and leave her a comment encouraging her to blog often.  This is very selfish, actually, because I mostly want her to keep blogging for MY sake, but trust me, if you visit her once, you’ll want to go back again.  And maybe her Hubby, the former Armchair Theologian, will occasionally guest post (the blog is called “Hibby and Hubby,” you know) and enlighten us with some of his seminarian knowledge.

HERE’s the link!  Go say hi from me!  And have some tea at her cute little coffee/tea bar for me, too.  Oh, and remind her that she is going to do a guest post THIS MONTH about making lefse on this very Minnesotan blog.

6 thoughts on “Hibby and Hubby

  1. Mmmm, lefse. I love that it is coming up on fall. Soon it will be lefse making time again. (For Thanksgiving and Christmas in my family.) Last year was the first time I had attempted it on my own since my Mom died. It was a success! Can’t wait to see her guest post.

  2. ACK! Imagine my surprise when the first thing I do Monday morning is go lurking at your blog and my ears start burning! Ha-ha, you are a stinker (but a very, very sweet stinker). As sheepish as I am right now (yes, I’m kicking invisible dirt), this made my day. Looks like I’m back in the game, baby!

    And I still LOVE you. 🙂

  3. Make lefse at home? Oh! I wanna see that post!

    My mom grew up in North Dakota and getting lefse was a treat and one we all enjoyed. She heated them up, then we spread butter on them and cinnamon and sugar. Yummy!

  4. I JUST made lefsa on Sunday!!!!! Ok, well I started on Saturday (like any good little Norwegian who knows how big an event lefsa-making is should do) and I made 80 pieces! I swear I am still making lefsa and cleaning up flour in my sleep! But boy was it worth it! I’ve never made it before but both sides of my family are both avid makers and eaters, and so I thought it was my turn. (Of course, my mom’s is the best!) Though I was SCARED to death of this project! It’s not that it’s hard to make, it just takes forever! My husband helped with some of the flipping, but then he left me to finish all 79 more, so. But he has been EXTREMELY helpful with the eating part, go figure. And he’s not even Scandinavian! (Taught him well, boy I did!)We are eating lefsa morning, noon, and night, let me tell you! We had ethnic/international potluck at work yesterday, and I just couldn’t shake the idea to make lefsa. It was an absolute HIT, although most people didn’t know what it was! Oh well, more for me! My family used to attend the annual Nordic Fest in Decorah, Iowa every July and watch the old ladies in the Norwegian layers and layers of clothes (the hottest weekend of the year, no less!) making lefsa in the storefronts, and then purchase giant lefsas for $2. Oh all that buttery-brown sugar deliciousness, I can’t stand it! Ok, now you’re gonna have to go make some, I know you do! I’m not sure if I have the stamina to produce another batch for the holidays, but at least now I know I CAN make the stuff! And all my relatives in Minnesota are entirely jealous.

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