Muppet Bird

Husband and I borrowed the BBC series Planet Earth from my boss, and though you’ve probably all seen it already, if you haven’t?  Check it OUT!  It’s amazing, but also…there is death.  I don’t like that part of nature—the predatory part.

Anyway, the above clip from it made me chuckle, especially where the 6-plumed bird of paradise tidies his “display area” and does a funny Muppet dance!  Oh, how we laughed!  Those New Zealanders!  Gotta love ’em!


7 thoughts on “Muppet Bird

  1. LOL. That made my day. Wish my male would tidy up his display area a little more. But alas, there’s no audience. Maybe if I watched him do his dance more he’d tidy up more? I know what that lady bird was thinking…”Oh please. Give it a rest.” Thanks for the laugh!

  2. AAAAHAHAHA! No way! This is Hubby’s and my THING! We love our “Planet Earth dates,” and we totally do the whole “spread your arms like wings and dance from side to side” thing. I love that you’re watching this show. The hardest one for me to watch was the Caves one. *shudder* Some creepy things down there (ok, but still pretty cool).

  3. Oh thank you so much for the hilarity tonight. I seriously needed it after this week (don’t remind me that the week is not over yet…I’m enjoying the delusion)…

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