Minnesota Harvest

We attended a baby shower for some old friends out in Delano last Saturday.  Fun times!  On the way home, at the recommendation of a co-worker of mine, we stopped at Minnesota Harvest.  Even though we have a “traditional” orchard hot-spot for our family already, I decided we would give it a go, since it was sort of on the way home from the shower.

Unfortunately, there was a wedding going on, so we didn’t get the whole gamete of things they normally offer (including wild rice soup, which I really wanted!).  But here’s Husband holding Anja on a wagon ride out to do some good ol’ fashioned apple picking.

MN Harvest 090608

And here’s my tip for this guy: “Learn to spell as well as you can drive a tractor, and your tips will increase.  I’m tellin’ ya!”

Tips 090608

Hubby and baby in the orchard:

MN Harvest 2 090608

Mommy with a disgruntled looking baby (What?  Hold still for a picture?).  Oh, and the outfit was cute prior to the Baby Legs addition, but it was cold out.  Don’t judge.

A & Me 090608

“But mama, I don’t want to walk.  I’m practicing to be an umpire!”

Wide-leg 090608

“And besides, grass is more fun than apples, anyway.”

Grass 090608

I don’t know that we will return to Minnesota Harvest.  The staff were friendly and fairly helpful, the atmosphere fall-ish, and the wagon ride was enjoyable.  The baked goods (we had a cider doughnut and something called a “caramel crunch square” which was actually like a large apple strudel with caramel topping drizzled all over it) were marvelous.  But the apples you could taste and pick were limited, apparently they’re pretty shut down every time there’s a wedding (and there’s not really a way to know that beforehand), the lay of the land pretty unclear, and you had to pay extra for several things (like the petting zoo, which I had been looking forward to on Anja’s behalf).  I think we’ll stick to Aamodt’s from here on out!


7 thoughts on “Minnesota Harvest

  1. What about Apple Jacks? We’re planning on going there with my bro and his wife next month. They like it, but I’ve never been there. I used to live in Watertown for a year so I had no excuse, but we always went to Emma Krumbies.

  2. We have a wonderful place to go pick apples, and they also have rows and rows and rows of berries and a MONSTER pumpkin patch each year. Alas, this year, no apples . . . one late April freeze killed their entire crop – how devastating for them! We’re definitely looking forward to the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch in a couple weeks, though 🙂

  3. I can tell you a secret about Minnesota Harvest. My mom used to work at the Chaska bakery, and they had a contract to bake all the turnovers, etc. for MN Harvest. Made with CANNED Apple pie filling. NOT from the apples from the orchard. We always snickered at the thought of all those people eating the baked goods, saying, “Yum! Fresh apples!” hehehe….

  4. Ok, next time you’re in Delano (I’m sure you’ll make a habit of going to baby showers out there…), it is imperative that you make a stop at Peppermint Twist!! A classic for our family (and many-a family we’ve got “hooked”).

    It’s a very cute little ’50s drive-up. But you don’t have to stay in the car! They have a little park beside the drive-up, complete with jukebox and a small slab of dance floor, wishing well with totally sweet kid prizes, and fun toys and picnic tables. Oh man, THE place for some good memory-making. 🙂
    No, I’m not on their advertising staff. But I do highly recommend it!

  5. I Love Minnesota Harvest!!! I found out about that orchard about 5 years ago and have gone every year since. I’ve gotten to know the new owners and managers through going there and I can assure you that they DO use their own apples in their bakery. You can even see them peeling and baking if you look hard enough, Esther’s info must be a little out-dated.

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