A Really Ambitious Project

I was visiting Amy at Living Locurto the other day, a delightful post about her re-vamped front porch.  Sad that I hadn’t accomplished something autumnal and lovely, I decided that I would do something productive.

I present to thee…The Deck.

The association to whom we pay our dues is supposed to take care of all external items, like rotting decks.  I’ve given up hope that this will happen anytime soon, so today I took my trusty claw hammer out and at least whacked down all the nail heads.  They have been sticking up for a long time, making treacherous walking for adults and babies alike.


Nails 1


Nails 2

Don’t feel badly if you can’t tell the difference.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A Really Ambitious Project

  1. I can tell the difference! We built our deck 2 summers ago and have sworn every year we would pressure wash and seal it. To no avail. But maybe getting out my electric screwdriver and tightening things up (and replacing those stray notsupposedtorustbutrustedanyway screws) would make it all better.

  2. You are so funny! Glad I inspired you to get out the hammer. I had to squint, but I did see the nails looked much better. ha. Start calling that association. You pay dues, they need to stain that thing! If you bug them enough, nicely of course, they will come:-) In my early years I felt bad for bothering people, but now I’m all about bugging until it gets done:-)

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