Tara’s favorite Minnesotaisms

A fine Minnesotan post by Miss Tara of Maryland (another Minnesota transplant) that I was compelled to link to today–please read, because it defines Minnesota.

I have to post a few of her points here to give my comments on them:

*For Minnesotans, it is not uncommon to use the A/C and the heat on the same day. Spring and Fall in Minnesota especially. Cool mornings and evenings, but warm afternoons. You learn to dress in layers.
True dat.  Happened to me yesterday!

*Not y’all. It’s, you GUYS. Regardless of gender or age.
DUH.  Get with it, southerners! 🙂

*Oh, and POP. Not soda. Not Coke. Not soda-pop. I don’t care if we are MinneSOTA. And I never even tried sweet tea until I was 25 years old! (I can hear a collective, “Poor thing…” Eh. I think maybe I had to grow up with it to like it.)
I don’t mind soda, but calling every single kind of pop “Coke”?  It’s enough to drive a person insane!

*Duck Duck GRAY DUCK, not Duck Duck Goose. (And yes, that one is weird, but I’m sticking with it.)
Amen, sister!

*Hair conditioner is a MUST in the winter. Fly-away hair is a given. All you curly Sue’s would appreciate a Minnesota winter just for that. No frizzy. Mine just goes flat and permanently adheres to my face and chin.

And I have to say this: My husband’s family EATS LUTEFISK.  Every Christmas.  I, as part of my initiation into the family, was forced to try it.  Once was enough.


8 thoughts on “Tara’s favorite Minnesotaisms

  1. Heh heh. My dad was born and raised in MN, but moved to CO in his twenties.

    I’m with you on most things. CO and MN are remarkably similar, but…

    Um, it is duck, duck, GOOSE. And you are in MN. Are you allowed to say, “Amen, sister!” Shouldn’t it be, “Yah, sure, you bet!” ???

    I have never had sweet tea. I was tempted when we were in Florida, but I decided to keep myself pure. Never had grits or lutefisk, either. Sometimes, our country is like another country.

  2. We didnt do the air/furnace yesterday, but believe me, the topic did come up! And right now we are thinking it would be a good idea just to dry out. I don’t know if you have had it up there, but it has been raining buckets down here since Friday! Its like September 1 hit and the switch was shut off… I love fall, but I forgot how wet it was! 🙂

    Oh, and this curly Sue who likes to straighten has had to adorn a mop on her head for the last two weeks because it has been so wet!

  3. We were also forced to “try” lutefisk one Christmas. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins were sitting at one long table and the lutefisk plate was being passed around. Somebody had the video recorded going to make sure every person of table-food age would be held accountable for this torturous tasting. I don’t know how, but I think I managed to pretend I was taking a bite, and hid the rest of the slimy opaque fish in my napkin. So I must admit, I have never tried lutefisk, although I have smelled it in all it’s raunchiness, which, believe me, is MORE than enough.

    Here in Maryland, it is an ungodly 95 degrees outside, and I am CLAWING for Fall! Coastal living is NOT all its cracked up to be. We don’t have the mosquitoes like lakefronts, but the humidity literally never lifts. Ugh.

    You’re so fun to link to my post!!!

  4. Thanks for linking, that was a great post! I didn’t realize how “unique” we are in MN until the Army moved us to Georgia 6 years ago. The first time I wore shorts with a sweatshirt people looked at me like I had 3 heads. Oh YAH, they did, lol. We’re Grateful to be Home! Blessings, Whitney

  5. Duck, Duck, Grey Duck? Huh?

    (Of course, my kids came home from Sunday School yesterday with this great new game called “God, God, YOU!” I think maybe it was supposed to be “God Loves You,” but I’m not sure.)

  6. I was raised in California, but my mom once said that she could tell I had Scandinavian heritage because I would always answer, “Yeah, uh-huh,” instead of just “Yeah.” I never realized I did that until she mentioned it!

    I’ve never had Lutefisk (thank God) but I was raised on Lefsa. Good stuff!

  7. Funny how many of those things are similar to Manitoba. Out here, everybody says ‘soda’ and it drives me nuts! But my husband said the new girl that just started in his department moved here from Minneapolis; we are relieved that winter will come as no surprise and overjoyed that she has a Minnesota ‘accent.’ 🙂

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