Maybe I could borrow her Pacifier…

Anja began sleeping in her own room shortly after her birthday. I think it’s been much harder for me than for her. No longer can I hear her little peep and get up, take 5 or 6 steps and gaze on her beautiful sleeping face. I now have to go down the hall and around the corner. I miss her. She’s been taking naps in her crib for months and months, but sleeping there at night just isn’t the same. Sometimes I gaze into her pack ‘n’ play (still set up in our room…don’t ask me what I’m waiting for) and long to reach down and touch her tummy, feel its rise and fall. I realize I can still do that in the other room, but she doesn’t yet sleep as soundly in there, so I abstain from entering unless necessary.

The transition is going well…for her. How about you folks? Anyone have a tough time transitioning a baby from one sleeping situation to another? Was it tougher on the baby or on you?


5 thoughts on “Maybe I could borrow her Pacifier…

  1. I remember when I had Ethan (my first) I had so much trouble putting him down to sleep. I’d hold him and hold him…My mom would call and say, “Put that baby down!” The first time he slept in his crib all by himself I cried and cried…Now he’s in kindergarten. Every step, watching them grow, brings a mixture of joy and pain. Joy in seeing them venture out into the big world, pain to see them grow so fast. We all feel this as mothers! I think of a quote I once read…”To be a mother is to have your heart walk around outside of your body.”

  2. Oh, I’m so jealous that you have a good sleeper. I did not miss my kids in my room… they were both so loud. I never knew babies could be so noisy in their sleep. I longed for quiet!! ha. Sleeping babies was such a battle at my house. I started my second one in her crib a lot earlier to get her used to it. Now she won’t sleep anywhere but her bed. She loves it.

  3. I like the quote from Esther. It is right on. Not that I have experience with your particular situation. We put our firstborn in a cradle in our room when we came home from the hospital. Jerry heard his every little sleeping noise and could not sleep. I didn’t do much better than that. Night three home he went straight to his crib in his room and we all three slept much, much better. He would actually cry sometimes during the day until we put him in his crib where he would lay contentedly and coo for 30 minutes or so. Loved his crib. Needless to say, after our first experience, we did not put our second in our room at all. For some reason, I am wanting to put our third in our room…We’ll see how well or how long that works!

  4. Oh Heidi! I can honestly say that I can not feel your pain, but it sounds painful. From day one I put Otto in his crib in his own room…there were alot of people that thought I was a monster (including my husband) but we each needed our ‘alone time’ away from each other. Plus, it’s what my mom did (I seem to be doing alot of that since motherhood.) To this day I can lay him down in his crib for naps or night time without him putting up a fuss..for which I am very thankful. Good Luck!

  5. Hey, nice to “meet” you….I “found” you on one of my regular blog reads and thought I would check you out since I am a neighbor to the west….South Dakota. Love your blog, hope you don’t mind if I stop by again.

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