Keepin’ It Real Meme

Oh DEAR! Esther tagged me for this meme last week, and let me tell you–it’s a scary one!! Here’s the rules: you have to take pictures of the following things, just as they appear at the time of being tagged. No straightening, no cleaning, and no making your kids look cute! Then tag someone else (preferably more than one person). Now, I’m not one to “primp” my home for visitors, but for first-time visitors (like a lot of you are today), I usually at least take an hour or two to tidy up. Sheesh! Here it is, in all its grubby unedited glory, taken late at night by my point-and-shoot.

1. The Fridge

Notes on The Fridge: no semblance of order to how I “file” in the fridge, and bags and containers of leftovers galore…

2. The Closet

Notes on The Closet: Yes, I am storing things in plastic and paper bags on the top shelf. I can’t afford fancy labeled cedar-lined boxes. Feel free to send me some if you take issue! Nobody gets to see this closet during house tours.

3. The Kitchen Sink

Notes on The Kitchen Sink: No one said how close we had to be to the sink…so that’s it off in the background. Please excuse the clutter around said sink and the fact that we haven’t yet taken down Anja’s birthday garland.

4. The Bathroom

Notes on the Bathroom: Fancy-schmancy childproofer = big rubber band. So far, it works! And it’s cheap, too.

5. My Favorite Shoes

Notes on My Favorite Shoes: This category produced a tie. The sandals that look like they’ve seen better days? I would all but KILL for another pair. They are Axcess brand from Kohl’s, so if anyone has a size 10 lying around…gimme gimme! I probably bought them 3 years ago, so they’re obviously not on shelves anymore, but they’re my favorite sandals I’ve ever had. I always have a hard time transitioning to my new running shoes, but these babies are now a few months old, and I like them a great deal.

6. My Favorite Room

Notes on My Favorite Room: It’s the family/living room, complete with lots of toys and baby books (and even a nose bulb…in the foreground). Anja and I spend a lot of time playing and reading here. I’m taking suggestions on the window treatment. Being Scandinavian, I tend to favor sparse “decorating,” somewhere between modern and cottage. But seeing this photo has made me think that I could use something on/above that window…I usually have a wreath or garland hanging on the balustrade above the piano, so I’m not worried about that (fall wreath in progress), but if you have an idea for the window, do tell! There’s a sliding door not visible in this photo off to the right of it that has a golden flax-colored set of floor-length curtains, and the general palette in the room is a sage and brown (I change accents based on season).

7. Me (the scariest part)

Notes on Me: I couldn’t bear to be alone in the photo, so here’s one of me cheering on Anja while she brushes her teeth (she LOVES brushing her teeth). I had just gotten home from a 7-hr wedding shoot, partly in the rain, so be kind…

Now I am supposed to tag someone else, but I don’t know that I can single out anyone in particular, so…I pick ALL of you! If you play along, please leave a link in the comment section so we can all see!


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real Meme

  1. Oh, thank you! I so enjoyed that. Your house looks beautiful! And by the way, I think you’re beautiful too! Thanks for participating, it’s like getting an intimate tour of other people’s homes. Fun!

  2. This would be fun if it werent for the fact that I am afraid you would D.I.E in fits of laughter!!! Maybe I will… I will think about it – but know that I will not clean anything before I do it. That would mean work! 🙂

    And BTW, I think I am looking at MckMama’s kids so much that I sort of was shocked to see how big and brown Anja’s eyes were. I even went into your archives insisting that it wasnt right… But I digress and must admit my faulty eyesight…

    I always wanted a brown eyed baby! Jadon should have had them since Jims eyes are a deep dark chocolate, but I guess not.

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